Saturday, November 29, 2008


OMG I wish I could do portraits!!! There are some things I would really just like to keep forever, such as the picture of someone’s face, their stunning eyes, their beautiful smiles, their laughter, everything about them… I would cherish forever. But I often feel I can’t…
I saw this in some movie at one point: “there was this girl, who liked to travel a lot, and there was something beautiful and unique in every occasion, event and every single place she visited. She said that she doesn’t like cameras because they are fake. They will NEVER reflect how that place, person or thing looked like at that particular second, right when she saw (or felt) it and considered it to be beautiful…So she just looked at something/someone and than she took a deep breath, than closed her eyes for a second. Thus she was able to cherish that moment forever.”

A very dear friend of mine once said that when we meet someone for the first time we are able to tell in the very first 30 seconds whether we could fall in love with that person or not…The first 30 seconds are essential to see if that person you just met could be your potential soul mate, or not…

I think that there are times when we actually want things to match up like the pearls on a beautiful pearl necklace. Everything seems to perfectly cling together. So that it hides the real problem. Every single sign is showing that there it is (!) and that everything is obvious, except for the clip that holds the two parts of the chain link.
There is a Hungarian proverb which expresses what I just said in rawer manner: Everything is all right with him; besides the fact that his neck is bleeding…

I guess now would be the best time to say: “…so my point is…” The only problem with this is that I am not sure I actually have a point there it find a point for my silly rambling...:o)

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