Saturday, December 27, 2008


Ever thought of what missing your moment would mean?
Let’s say there is this couple who has been dating for quite some time now; three, maybe for years. The guy finally asks her to marry him, she naturally says “yes” and they start planning the wedding and everything. But suddenly BANG! This other guy comes into her life and everything changes. It all starts out pretty nasty. She doesn’t even like him. But than after all the “action” her feelings change. She doesn’t know what to do, she is lost. She has a fiancé, but she starts having second thoughts about the “happily ever after” part. And than at the end she gets her fairy tale ending with the guy she bumped into and had known for 3 weeks, saying goodbye to the person she got engaged to previously and who had been by her side for years now.
Yeah, all so sweet and lovely. But what about the other guy, the “fiancé” guy? Had he proposed sooner, the two of them had lived happily ever after? So did they miss their moment?

Do we ever get back that moment? I mean, yeah, of course, you can never get back that moment, but do we ever get another moment? Or do we just move on and try to find new moments? Is it worth fighting for it or should we just leave it and give up? When do we know what is the right version? Do we ever?


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