Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Perfect day

…I woke up to my mom’s noise-making at around 10 o’clock today. She was standing next to my bed telling me how it would really be time for me to wake up and that she cannot stand how relaxed I can be even though the house is practically a mess.
These are our usual Christmas preparations at home. Of course everything is done in time, and of course I take my share in the work (I clean, I bake, I shop etc.). But in spite of all this, my mom is stressed out before every single Christmas, so I guess I could say I’m already used to it!
So anyway… I got up, cleaned my room, done some of the packing of the presents and than at around 3 I went to do some last minute shopping, because I had to meet a friend of mine at 4.
I usually go by foot and I don’t take the bus too often. It is funny actually, because I think that since I came home from America in July I only traveled by bus about 10-15 times…
So I went and bought a few things I already homed in on and afterwards I went to meet up with my friend. We were about to go to one of our common friend’s surprise birthday party and we wanted to get her a scarf as our present, because we new she is crazy about scarves. So anyway, long story short: it was awesome to meet up with a few of my old high school friends…I felt like MYSELF again. I know it is strange to say something like this, because this would assume, that I am not the person I used to be anymore. However, that is definitely not the case.
The truth is that many things happen throughout a year, especially if that year is spent in another country; what’s more, on another continent. I changed a lot; that year in America made me grow as a person, I think. That whole experience really made a difference in my life. A positive one! Still tonight was a total flashback. And it made me happy…
When we said goodbye and went out of the house there was this beautiful surprise waiting for us: it was snowing!!! I mean, yeah, in Romania it snows a lot, it is not like we live in Hawaii. But surprisingly in my city there have been rare hot days the past few weeks. Even today (two days before Christmas) the sun was beautifully shining and there were some 5-6 degrees. Everyone was really praying for snow and than there it was…

As I was walking home I finally felt for the first time in my life, I think, that this is where I belong! I did not feel the urge to be somewhere else as I always do. It was great. Moreover, I was happy! And is there something else more important than that? I just could not stop smiling and I kept on looking up to the sky to witness the little snowflakes falling down from heaven. And I smiled, smiled…smiled.

I really don’t think that there is anything more beautiful that a person smiling for real…You can wear tons of makeup and you can be dressed in Gucci from head to toe; if your soul is empty what is it really worth? Smiling is the sing of contentment, the sing of approval, the sing of people’s ultimate goal: happiness.

I always tell this my best friend: a guy can have the most beautiful eyes in the whole wide world, but only when he opens his mouth you realize that his canine tooth is missing and the one next to that is as black as hell; plus when he starts laughing this terrible rumbling comes out. That is what you do NOT want to look at, and hear for the rest of your life!!! So my point is, I think it is really important how a guy smiles/laughs. It really suggests a lot about his personality, about who he really is, what things he likes and what he finds joy in… So "the smile" is deffinitely the number one on my list...:)

Deviating a little bit from this, I realized what I would love to do this Christmas (or this winter, anyway).
Everybody is talking about dancing in the rain with someone special…Well, I would like to dance in the snow with no music at all. Just letting the snowflakes fondle our cheeks…Yes, that is what I would like to have this winter…I’ll just have to deal with some minor details: I’ll have to find someone special and I’ll have to find that person when it is snowing…Easy to do in no time, right? =))

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  1. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful, teljesen egyetertek es egyutterzek :)ikrek....:)


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