Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Revamp it! -- Fun for girls!

I love blogging, you can find so many interesting things and get close, somewhat, to people who share your interests from all around the world, it is amazing!

One of these days I came across Natasha Burns Artistic creation blog, and I just loved her work. She is a really talented person and makes such lovely, feminine (even girly), romantic things. I added a link to this post (hopefully...cause I am still experimenting with this enclosing action) of her blogspot...

Anyway what was even more interesting and fun for me, was that she is hosting a sort of a competition inspired from "Project Runway" (you know, with Heidy Klum), and she proposed all people interested in clothes, bags, shoes to take a piece of clothing from their closet or get something from a "Goodwill" shop, vintage store, thrift store, garage sale, or "second hand" store (as they are called here in Romania) and change it up a little, get all creative, and crazy and come up with a "new piece"...You can find more information and instructions on her blog. If the link is not to be found here, than just go to the side-bar and there you have the 'flayer', just click on it and you'll be transferred where you want to be. :)

The big day is August 14th, but since I will leave to Paris on the 11th, I will not be able to post my project then. However, I will do it, and post the whole process around the 9th-10th of August!

Join in the fun!

Bisous, Erika

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Theory Sunday: Painted Wood Floors

What you must know about me is that I simply love painted furniture (I also enjoy painting furniture), and I recently discovered the beauty of painted wooden floors. Thus, I decided to make "Painted Wood Floors" the very first lesson...Now that sounds very educational, doesn't it? I should maybe organize my lessons into chapters/modules...Haha, jk!

Painted floors used to be a double negative in decorating, but in the last (maybe) three-four years "interior design" themed magazines are filled with pictures of rooms that have this type of floor.

There are several reasons why one could opt for this method and not something else, such as:

-painted floors reflect light

-they add color to a room

-nice touch with less money

-they cover flaws

-painted floors work well in both modern spaces and farmhouses

-dark floors can bring drama to a room

-greater harmony of colors in a room, etc.

Since I find painted floors to be beautiful, I thought I should look up some guidelines on how they are done, because anyone can paint (I am not contesting that); however, there are certain rules which ought to be followed in order to get the desired results. I found some useful how-to instructions on Cottage Living's website:

-Sand floors before painting with an industrial floor-sander.

-Sweep and vacuum to remove dust.

-Apply one coat of primer.
-Apply two coats of paint (exterior paint is more durable).
-If you want a high-gloss look, seal it with polyurethane (alkyd or modified epoxy latex porch and floor paint is a good choice for high-traffic areas).

*my suggestions:

-Plan your escape route. Start in a corner and work toward your exit to avoid stepping on wet paint.
-Use a roller with a long handle to cover large floor areas, although a brush is fine for small areas.
-To "go green" with your painted floor project, use low or no-voc paints and a low-voc polyurethane.

Le monde de... my mom

My mother is an excellent cook. We always have home-made things to eat during winter, that she made during the summer. She is a very responsible person providing her family all it needs to stay healthy and happy :) Up to now we have strawberry, cherry, sour cherry, raspberry, rose-hip, quince, mulberry jams, and canned cherry, sour cherry, red-currant. The next fruit-projects are going to be peach, nectarine and apricot...Of course we can't eat all these, but she always said that until we can eat fresh fruits again, (fresh as in, when it is the season of it, because nowadays you can find anything at any point of the year, but those come from greenhouses and are mostly treated with chemicals) we should at least eat homemade canned ones, which lack all sorts of preservatives and E's.
So anyway, I thought we should personalize our pantry this year with designs that fit homemade jams, canned fruit and syrups...

An other thing I did (which was a present to my mom) was a box full of recipes customized with buttons and a lovely red ribbon...

*here are the labels from the inside of the box:
--(various) vegetable-dish
--entree (dish w/ meat)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Before and After: nightstand makeover

I have been planning this for a long time, but with my exams and all that I could not start working any sooner…
Yesterday I went paint and brush shopping, I was sad because I couldn’t find the color I pictured beforehand, but than a handsome shopping assistant came and asked me whether he could help me, and I found that colors can be mixed (which I already knew of course, but I thought it is going to cost me a lot more) at an acceptable price, so I chose my lovely purple-pink color!!! Yaaay!
Since I was there, well, I also bought two flower pots…And yeah, only two but I was tempted to get more, or maybe a couple of frames, but I held myself back! Hehehee…

We had an older nightstand on the balcony upon which my mom kept some of her flowers, and so I thought I would steel it and paint it, redesign it... voilá: I have a “brand new” piece of furniture. My little bijou…
It looks a little strange by the side of this old hidious bed, but soon this problem will also be solved. I already spotted out a nice little bed for myself (within the budget). It even has a name: "IRENE"...I thought it was very funny...The beds at Jysk all have names, it's so sweet.

I also bought this sweet little candle holder at an awesome price, and I covered some of my favorite books into eco-paper...I really like the outcome. It has a romantic touch to it (pink+white=romantic vintage).

I also bought this sweet "grandma jar" full of pink candles. I instantly fell in love with it and could not leave the store without it. These little founds can definitely make my day :)

My newest craze is to redesign my room and since I love to do everything with my two little hands, I thought I would use as many old pieces (from my grandparents’) as I can and complete the design with some new boxes and things like that! I will see how it goes and you can follow me on my blog if you’re curious, also because you may find some ideas yourself. Or maybe you could help me, who knows…

Update: linked up to Mustard Seed Creations' furniture party:
Furniture Feature Fridays


What can I say? Technology is great…but pencils are definitely better. I am sure many of you out there know what I'm talking about.

I enjoy making list; I find the whole process to be a lot of fun...Do I respect my lists and keep or do everything that is put down in them, well, that is for an other discussion :)

I wanted to do something else this time, though. Something else and more interesting that the usual shopping lists, new years list, to do lists etc...I've put down 30 little things I would want to do this summer:

Friday, July 10, 2009

What would I do with a lot of money?

It is easy! I would by an apartment in one of the more quite areas, streets of the city center where the magic, the mystery and the beauty is hidden, and I would redecorate the place and live happily ever after…
If I could choose among the city centers than I would surely choose Paris, but I guess you knew that already …However, my hometown would do just fine as well. There is plenty of hidden glory over here too, you should come and take a look if you have the chance :) Let me know, it would be a pleasure to show you arround...

I am really not a picky person (define picky, right?), but I find some things very important when buying an apartment in an old building. Please do not take these as advice, because there is absolutely nothing technical in the way I’d choose. So if you would like to know more about on what grounds should you choose, technically speaking, then consult an architect or some professional, because here I will only be talking about my personal aesthetic view…

Without any kind of makeover (which I would do, naturally), here are the first essential aspects that I would look for:

First – on the outside – WINDOWS should basically look something like this:

-from the inside: WINDOWS:

Second – on the outside – the COURT YARD should look something like this:

(minus the hidious chairs on the second picture)

Third – on the outside – what is the dream, you ask? Hm…A Romeo & Juliette type of BALCONY, of course:

*Parisian balconies

*nice window + balcony that I have spotted out today in Cluj

*my favorite R & J balcony in Cluj. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!Look at the top of the windows

Fourth – on the inside – IDEAL INTERIOR – What more could a girl ask for?

Fifth -- let us not forget about this minor detail :)

*one is in Paris the other is in Cluj...guess which is which, haha...But they are both beautiful in my book, in their own special style :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Magical details, childish details

There are certain objects in our house that help transform it into a home: memories, souvenirs, details, decorations, magic…

Pink-ish dreams of a lady:

Oldies but goldies:

Mom's favorites:

Sources of light:

The tale of the butterfly and the three lady bugs:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dreaming of faraway places

If all goes well, I will be going to France in almost a month…And I will be staying in Paris for about four days, then I will be going to Taize, a lovely place not far from Macon and Cluny…

Can’t even tell you how excited I am about this and ever since I decided to go I have melancholic moments from time to time, day dreaming about the whole trip, France, Paris, the crowded but narrow streets of Paris, the typical small shops with beautifully designed windows, full of the work of not that well known artists, but talented non the less, the bistro-s, the lovely park around the Tour d’Eiffel, the atmosphere of Montmartre, the love in the air, the butterflies in my stomach as I walk along the Seine, ohhh, I could go on and on for ever…