Saturday, July 18, 2009

Before and After: nightstand makeover

I have been planning this for a long time, but with my exams and all that I could not start working any sooner…
Yesterday I went paint and brush shopping, I was sad because I couldn’t find the color I pictured beforehand, but than a handsome shopping assistant came and asked me whether he could help me, and I found that colors can be mixed (which I already knew of course, but I thought it is going to cost me a lot more) at an acceptable price, so I chose my lovely purple-pink color!!! Yaaay!
Since I was there, well, I also bought two flower pots…And yeah, only two but I was tempted to get more, or maybe a couple of frames, but I held myself back! Hehehee…

We had an older nightstand on the balcony upon which my mom kept some of her flowers, and so I thought I would steel it and paint it, redesign it... voilá: I have a “brand new” piece of furniture. My little bijou…
It looks a little strange by the side of this old hidious bed, but soon this problem will also be solved. I already spotted out a nice little bed for myself (within the budget). It even has a name: "IRENE"...I thought it was very funny...The beds at Jysk all have names, it's so sweet.

I also bought this sweet little candle holder at an awesome price, and I covered some of my favorite books into eco-paper...I really like the outcome. It has a romantic touch to it (pink+white=romantic vintage).

I also bought this sweet "grandma jar" full of pink candles. I instantly fell in love with it and could not leave the store without it. These little founds can definitely make my day :)

My newest craze is to redesign my room and since I love to do everything with my two little hands, I thought I would use as many old pieces (from my grandparents’) as I can and complete the design with some new boxes and things like that! I will see how it goes and you can follow me on my blog if you’re curious, also because you may find some ideas yourself. Or maybe you could help me, who knows…

Update: linked up to Mustard Seed Creations' furniture party:
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  1. Szuper! RE-design, imadom a kis vintage dolgaid, en is sajnos sem a space sem az ido nem engedi meg, egyelore:( De mindenkepp kovetlek teged:), majd keszits egy szep PARISIEN kevezo-asztalkat is :D puszi

  2. Wow! That piece was at a real low point working as a porch plantstand. The next step for a piece of furniture is usually the curb. You did the right thing by saving this piece with those curvy French country lines. I love the color you chose and the accessories really give it the romantic look you were going for. I also like the books wrapped in the brown paper. Great job!


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