Sunday, July 19, 2009

Le monde de... my mom

My mother is an excellent cook. We always have home-made things to eat during winter, that she made during the summer. She is a very responsible person providing her family all it needs to stay healthy and happy :) Up to now we have strawberry, cherry, sour cherry, raspberry, rose-hip, quince, mulberry jams, and canned cherry, sour cherry, red-currant. The next fruit-projects are going to be peach, nectarine and apricot...Of course we can't eat all these, but she always said that until we can eat fresh fruits again, (fresh as in, when it is the season of it, because nowadays you can find anything at any point of the year, but those come from greenhouses and are mostly treated with chemicals) we should at least eat homemade canned ones, which lack all sorts of preservatives and E's.
So anyway, I thought we should personalize our pantry this year with designs that fit homemade jams, canned fruit and syrups...

An other thing I did (which was a present to my mom) was a box full of recipes customized with buttons and a lovely red ribbon...

*here are the labels from the inside of the box:
--(various) vegetable-dish
--entree (dish w/ meat)

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