Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Revamp it! -- Fun for girls!

I love blogging, you can find so many interesting things and get close, somewhat, to people who share your interests from all around the world, it is amazing!

One of these days I came across Natasha Burns Artistic creation blog, and I just loved her work. She is a really talented person and makes such lovely, feminine (even girly), romantic things. I added a link to this post (hopefully...cause I am still experimenting with this enclosing action) of her blogspot...

Anyway what was even more interesting and fun for me, was that she is hosting a sort of a competition inspired from "Project Runway" (you know, with Heidy Klum), and she proposed all people interested in clothes, bags, shoes to take a piece of clothing from their closet or get something from a "Goodwill" shop, vintage store, thrift store, garage sale, or "second hand" store (as they are called here in Romania) and change it up a little, get all creative, and crazy and come up with a "new piece"...You can find more information and instructions on her blog. If the link is not to be found here, than just go to the side-bar and there you have the 'flayer', just click on it and you'll be transferred where you want to be. :)

The big day is August 14th, but since I will leave to Paris on the 11th, I will not be able to post my project then. However, I will do it, and post the whole process around the 9th-10th of August!

Join in the fun!

Bisous, Erika


  1. Erika! How fun! I wish I could go to Paris... I've been dreaming of French blues and grays...
    Hope you have a wonderful time!!

  2. Hi Erika,
    Just letting you know that your link worked for me this time! Cheers, Natasha


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