Sunday, July 19, 2009

Theory Sunday: Painted Wood Floors

What you must know about me is that I simply love painted furniture (I also enjoy painting furniture), and I recently discovered the beauty of painted wooden floors. Thus, I decided to make "Painted Wood Floors" the very first lesson...Now that sounds very educational, doesn't it? I should maybe organize my lessons into chapters/modules...Haha, jk!

Painted floors used to be a double negative in decorating, but in the last (maybe) three-four years "interior design" themed magazines are filled with pictures of rooms that have this type of floor.

There are several reasons why one could opt for this method and not something else, such as:

-painted floors reflect light

-they add color to a room

-nice touch with less money

-they cover flaws

-painted floors work well in both modern spaces and farmhouses

-dark floors can bring drama to a room

-greater harmony of colors in a room, etc.

Since I find painted floors to be beautiful, I thought I should look up some guidelines on how they are done, because anyone can paint (I am not contesting that); however, there are certain rules which ought to be followed in order to get the desired results. I found some useful how-to instructions on Cottage Living's website:

-Sand floors before painting with an industrial floor-sander.

-Sweep and vacuum to remove dust.

-Apply one coat of primer.
-Apply two coats of paint (exterior paint is more durable).
-If you want a high-gloss look, seal it with polyurethane (alkyd or modified epoxy latex porch and floor paint is a good choice for high-traffic areas).

*my suggestions:

-Plan your escape route. Start in a corner and work toward your exit to avoid stepping on wet paint.
-Use a roller with a long handle to cover large floor areas, although a brush is fine for small areas.
-To "go green" with your painted floor project, use low or no-voc paints and a low-voc polyurethane.


  1. Hi Erika! are you the same Erika who left a comment on my blog tonight, about the Revamp it chalenge? If so, sorry to ask, it's just that I couldn't get your link to work when you left me a comment, it says your profile is not set to public viewing, so I googled you in the hope this is you :)
    And if it is you, then SURE absolutely, join in and post early if you can! I'd love to see what you come up with! Have a great trip too!!!
    Natasha :)

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