Friday, July 10, 2009

What would I do with a lot of money?

It is easy! I would by an apartment in one of the more quite areas, streets of the city center where the magic, the mystery and the beauty is hidden, and I would redecorate the place and live happily ever after…
If I could choose among the city centers than I would surely choose Paris, but I guess you knew that already …However, my hometown would do just fine as well. There is plenty of hidden glory over here too, you should come and take a look if you have the chance :) Let me know, it would be a pleasure to show you arround...

I am really not a picky person (define picky, right?), but I find some things very important when buying an apartment in an old building. Please do not take these as advice, because there is absolutely nothing technical in the way I’d choose. So if you would like to know more about on what grounds should you choose, technically speaking, then consult an architect or some professional, because here I will only be talking about my personal aesthetic view…

Without any kind of makeover (which I would do, naturally), here are the first essential aspects that I would look for:

First – on the outside – WINDOWS should basically look something like this:

-from the inside: WINDOWS:

Second – on the outside – the COURT YARD should look something like this:

(minus the hidious chairs on the second picture)

Third – on the outside – what is the dream, you ask? Hm…A Romeo & Juliette type of BALCONY, of course:

*Parisian balconies

*nice window + balcony that I have spotted out today in Cluj

*my favorite R & J balcony in Cluj. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!Look at the top of the windows

Fourth – on the inside – IDEAL INTERIOR – What more could a girl ask for?

Fifth -- let us not forget about this minor detail :)

*one is in Paris the other is in Cluj...guess which is which, haha...But they are both beautiful in my book, in their own special style :)


  1. Stunning pictures... I have always wondered about that question but haven't figured it out yet...

  2. haha, i guess the first one is in Cluj:)
    and, ohh, those windows reminde me of "my other life" in Prague after Paris, of course!Beautiful dreams!

  3. Oh! How very sweet of you! Your comment just made my day! This is what keeps me going with my projects, knwing they give others inspiration. Thank you!!


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