Saturday, August 8, 2009

A letter to all my friends!

Hi to you all!

First of all I would like to say that I am sorry for not posting lately. Things have just been a little crowded over here, in my life. My father is home from A. (a far away country where he works) for a month, and the news is that he is gonna go back. And I am leaving for France next week, and not going to be home for three weeks. Do the math! Ok, I’ll do it for you: I won’t be home, and my dad will be; and when I get home, he will be away already. I’ve been having second thoughts about my trip as well… Plus I am nervous about traveling alone. But I’ll be fine…

Secondly: I am sorry (again)! This time I am apologizing from Natasha! I will not be able to participate in Revamp it! I wish I could have, but I have had so many things on my mind these days, that I just couldn’t deal with this and I didn’t want to just do something in a rush. Where’s the fun then, right? Still, I hope everyone had a great time doing something fun and chic, and I wish you good luck with the results.

Thirdly: I promise I will document my trip and post a lot about it when I get home. Prepare!!! Around the 1st- 2nd of September make a coffee, bake a cookie and turn on your computer. Oh, I hope I will have so many nice and fun things to tell!

À bientot, j’espère!

Bisous, Erika :)