Monday, October 26, 2009

My new friend

Salut pour toutes mes amis out there in the blog sphere :) News: Today I learned (thank you internet) how to make origami cranes, and I am quite happy about it, if I may proudly say so! This was one of the things that made me happy today, so I thought I'd share that with you.

My new bookshelves

What my room really needed were some new bookshelves, because after we repainted my room (we: my dad and I) we decided not to put back the ugly old shelves that I had since...forever...So for some months until I finally decided upon something I was lacking the shelves and all my books were nicely backed in boxes. Thus every time I needed one of them I had to empty every box and than find the one book I needed on the bottom of the last one and then repack them so ugh, it was as uncomfortable as it gets.

I am definitely lacking some pictures or paintings...something, because the walls are two "naked". But that could be the next "must", I just hope it will not take me half a year to get it done!
Hope you enjoyed. Should you have any questions on the making of these shelves, shoot! :)

A bientot,
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Theory Sunday! -- Antique French Armchairs

(Antique French Louis XVI Style Armchair)

(Antique Caned Gilded French Louis XV Berger Chair Frame -- this one comes at about 2000 euros-- ouch!)

(Antique French Louis XV Style Carved Side Chair)

(Antique French Bergere Louis XV - XVI Chair)

(photos via internet)

Grandma's house

I am pretty sure you all know the feeling of finding something old and gorgeous in your grandma’s house…Well this time I was really lucky to have found this. When my grandma saw the sparkling eyes I must have had she instantly said, “Oh I am so glad you like it, I was afraid it would get lost in the house and no one would care about this old necklace”. And I was like “Am I still not well known for my ‘collector lifestyle’ in this family”? (The pearls needs new lacing though, but that is not the least a problem)
So anyway, I just thought that I’d share my happiness…