Monday, October 26, 2009

My new bookshelves

What my room really needed were some new bookshelves, because after we repainted my room (we: my dad and I) we decided not to put back the ugly old shelves that I had since...forever...So for some months until I finally decided upon something I was lacking the shelves and all my books were nicely backed in boxes. Thus every time I needed one of them I had to empty every box and than find the one book I needed on the bottom of the last one and then repack them so ugh, it was as uncomfortable as it gets.

I am definitely lacking some pictures or paintings...something, because the walls are two "naked". But that could be the next "must", I just hope it will not take me half a year to get it done!
Hope you enjoyed. Should you have any questions on the making of these shelves, shoot! :)

A bientot,
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  1. ooooo i LOVE the detail of that decorative edge - fantastic! :) (and the walls may appear a tad naked, but the shelves do add a big impact!)

  2. Those look like you bought them out of a magazine! You really did a great job giving them new life. I also like how you chose to hang them high in a row. I can't wait to see what you come up with to put under them. Isn't it funny how one project makes you realize you *need* to do another one? Happens to me all the time.

  3. Beautiful Job. I ADORE book displays!
    Happy Holidays to you.


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