Monday, November 30, 2009

Season 1/ Episode 1 -- Christmas preparations

Hello Angels!

Welcome to my first episode of Christmas Preparations :) Yesterday I finally decided to start preparing some "ingredients" for the home-decorations and so I did; it can never be too early to start especially since this is my favorite time of the year. What a cliche! But that's all right, because this is definitely a cliche I can most certainly live with...happily ever after...:)
Pine-cones...and that is: lots of them!
I sprayed some of them into a lovely goldish color, but I still left a bunch plain, simple and natural...And maybe next weekend I will be able to paint a few of those with white (I mean, only their edges)...Can't wait...But until then this is how my golden ones turned out.
Yet as I said, they are only the ingredients at the moment, waiting for their turn to be put into the right place.

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