Monday, December 21, 2009

Homemade bookmark

Preferably all my presents are DIY for Christmas, but sometimes that is impossible, you know that! That is why I mostly sneak in some kind of little "something" among the rest of the presents...
This bookmark is not a Christmas present, but part of my father's name-day present. Now that might sound a little strange for most of you so let me explain it briefly. What is a name-day? It is kind of like a birthday and in many families this bares even less importance than the name-day since everyone is aware of the latter, for it is listed in the calendar. My name-day for example is on the 18th of May. Always. It might happen that one name is listed twice but than each person can decide which one fits their lives better. Or whatever, just choose one! :)
So here is what used to make the bookmark (a piece of cardboard paper, glue, ribbon, a bead and 3 different kinds of paper -brown, white and pale purple)So than I glued things together but I guess that is obvious from the next pictures and than I made a simple sketch of praying hands (in case someone was wondering what that scratch stands for, heehee) and wrote (translate) "May your day be merry, dad". I thought that was light, cute and meaningful (trough the drawing) in the same time...(sorry, it is a little blurry but I had to zoom in...a lot)
Hope you enjoyed. Bisous,
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Petits Chocolats

In these weeks of Advent my mom and I, we've been giving each other small gifts or treats every other day. We've been trying so hard to be creative and find the smallest things; ones that can be fit into the small match boxes on our Advent Tree, but most of the time we would just tie the gift to the box or take it off and place both the box (with the date) and the treat underneath the Advent pine-branches, because they wouldn't fit in any other way :)
So today I ran out of small things to buy and and so I bought chocolate and made it a little more special by changing its package. But hey, who could ever say that they would not want to receive chocolate as a present???

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Season 1/ Episode 15 -- My Jar of Love

I think this is the most favorite things I've ever made and if you scroll down to Step #2 you will see why...I have the feeling that you will kinda like it too, hehe! :) So what I did was that I bought a plain, glass, kitchen recipient and made it pretty and delicious. For the design of the lid I used napkins and for the label also, but there I also added simple, drab fabric and a small piece of cardboard.
So here is my "Jar-of-love" picture-tutorial: (szeretet=love)
STEP #1 Make it:
STEP # 2 Fill it with love:Step #3 Wrap it up & make someone happy:

Labels are for jars, not for people!
Holiday hugs, Erika
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