Friday, December 4, 2009

Books need "facials" too

Here are some dictionaries that I have since I can remember; they had always been by my side, opening themselves up for me whenever I needed them, so I felt that time has come to give something in return. No, actually I just got bored with how they look like and wanted to change that (even though I like these old mono-colored ones so much better then the new fancy, shiny dictionaries with "sophisticated", extra-colored covers).

Eco-paper was my 1# choice -- no doubt about that

And let us not forget finding a little space for them other that my room's floor (nowadays, since I have quite many projects at College and I also teach at home, well I believe that is properly called "tutoring", but anyway, I literally have like 3 huge piles of a combination of books, notebooks, papers, and all sorts of documents that might come in handy when I am doing my assignments). Not nice! But what is nice though, is the fact that I found just the right spot for my good-old fiends ;)

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