Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Carrie Bradshaw's bedroom

Great style, awesome personality, interesting life...what more could she ask for? Love...nah! An apartment which tells it all... Oh wait; she has that too.
It is one of my favorite (movie) apartments ever, maybe because I can picture myself in it better than in any other luxury home (featured on television). The magical vintage feeling of it caressed my heart from the moment I first saw the series. How cheesy, right? lol (But please note, I am talking about the old room, not the one from the movie with the ugly blue walls; that one just seems so common, so NOT special, it reminds me of one of those rooms in the pages of certain Interior Design magazines that leave me to feel nothing more than the "turn-the-page effect")

But here is the sweet vintage nest :) (well, here it is a little messy and it looks a lot better in the show, but you probably all know what I am talking about anyway)
...and of course, the historic walking-closet. How could we ever forget that?
Tonight what I am wishing you is: dream of being the queen of such a closet...at least for tonight,
Bisous, Erika


  1. Love it! Love it! Love it! ...but you already know. na de most mar csak New York vagy Parizs hianyzik, mert a kicsi vintage lakaska(m) megvan :) imadom! A meghivas is still on! varlak :) puszi

  2. It never gets old, does it?! Thanks for the memories :)


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