Friday, December 18, 2009

Season 1/ Episode 10 -- Friendly faces

Hello Angels,
There is no Christmas without a couple of friendly faces now, is there? Do you have something that you grew up with and you still cherish like a child? I sure do :)
When I was about 4, my parents went on a trip to the Netherlands and came back with a sweet teddy bear that I later named "Maco" (Macko=Bear, so I just left out the "k" and then it is pronounced differently in Hungarian). He is the one who knows all my secrets, because as a child I was telling them to him; I knew that he was the only one who will never tell them to anyone else, so my secrets would be safe with him.
My other friendly face is a scrap-teddy, which I got from a special friend, from "Make-a-bear" (But in fact, I got to make it. And imagine me, a 176m tall person, having to do all the "rituals" that 3 and 4 years olds do. I had so much fun!)
Holiday hugs, Erika

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