Sunday, December 13, 2009

Season 1/ Episode 7 -- Meaning of Advent Candels

It is quite interesting, that nowadays normally everyone would use four candles on their Advent wreath, but I just learned that according to early traditions the wreath has to have five candles. There are four candles, one for each Sunday leading to Christmas and a fifth candle for Christmas day. There are variations in the coloring of the candles, often there are three purple and one pink candle. Occasionally, all of the candles are purple. The central candle is usually a large white pillar candle. The purple represents repentance. The pink symbolizes joy. The central candle is called the Christ candle and is not lit until Christmas day. It is customary that the lighting of each candle is followed by a few verses of scripture that relate to meaning of the candle. Often the person who lights the candle recites a short statement of belief and faith as the candle is lit and then everyone unites in prayer.
Growing up in my family, Advent Sunday afternoons were usually spent at my grandparents. My grandmother was always very demanding about traditions (she still is), and so what we did each Sunday was singing the corresponding verse of a short song.
(Some of you out there might know it or maybe at least understand it -- it is in Hungarian.)

Have a joyful Advent, and may all your wishes come true today,
with love,

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