Monday, December 14, 2009

Season 1/ Episode 8 -- Santa's Snow Globe

Finding the right Christmas Snow Globe is definitely not the easiest task; especially if you are as picky as I am, it takes a looooong time to be able to choose the right size, color and the one that projects that rare magical Christmas feeling. And of course let us not forget: it must be able to sing "Jingle Bells". :)
I remember seeing this Christmas movie in my childhood, where the girl had one of these Globes which she got from Santa one year, and there was a confusing phrase printed on the bottom of it, that she did not know what it refers to. One day when she was older and had to choose between two guys, she understood that the little sentence printed on the globe was the answer to choosing the right person to live her life with...
And ever since I saw this movie I was searching for my Christmas wish globe...Never found the wish though on the bottom, because only Santa could print it on, but at least I have my singing snow globe for this year's Christmas and maybe I will glue a metaphorical version of my 2009 Christmas wish on this Globe, just to be original. Lol!!!
(I know that this must be just "one of the Snow Globes" for you, but it sure is special to me) :)

Besides my yippidy da for my lovely Santa Snow Globe I also posted some pictures of my latest (ever-expanding) Christmas decoration. Keep it simple, natural and beautiful.
Hugs, Erika
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  1. I LOVE snowglobes! My mama used to get them for us for birthdays and such. Over the years they got knocked around and broken. I have only a couple left, and they're packed away somewhere.....hmmmm.

    Also I LOVE the way you displayed the pinecones! Can there ever be enough natural touches in holiday decor???

    Thanks so much for linking up to Mi4M :)


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