Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Season 1/ Episode 9 -- Our cumsy little Advent calendar

Hello Angels,
This year our Advent calendar did not turn out to be the most royal looking one, in fact it looks quite flagged, sear and disfigured, but never-the-less it's ours and we love it (mainly because we put in small present for each other; and instead of saying that the angels brought the presents like at Christmas Eve - because that is how it is in Hungarian tradition- we say that "Mr. Tree" performed miracles, as if some pine branches would fructify and fruits would be the presents, got it?) Now that was a dorky explanation, but anyway...So, after seeing how it turned out I decided that even though my mission was unsuccessful I wouldn't have time to redo it, so I just left it like that. :)Up to this point everything was going nice...But when i started putting the little boxes up the branches, these decided not to be lofty anymore and before I knew it they resembled palm trees rather than pine. I knew that they would sag a little but this I did not premeditate...Voila:
(disregard the decoration under "it", because it is not the official decoration, in fact it is not a decoration at all, but a bunch of stuff -- updates will be coming up on the decoration part soon though)

Bisous a toutes,
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  1. Those little packages are precious! I'm sure they were hard to wrap! Cute blog - following you now!


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