Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Today is a new day to share a mini-collection. Yesterday I showed you Souvenirs chaleureux de l'été passé and today you can see my lovely floral pendants as necklaces, bracelets or broaches shaped into a collection, entitled "Passé glorieux". Some of these already found their home, but some are still available if you hurry over to my shop, you will be able to become their new owner, for sure.

All of these were made with exceptional attention to all details, handled with care, recalling past memories of such a glorious time, which symbolizes femininity and delicacy. These pendants are mde of white clay (ceramics), burned 3 times (760-1500 Celsius grades), glazed, outlined with colloidal gold and decorated with vintage floral transfer-pictures. All this handmade of course. Also putting the jewelry together is the result of manual work. But if anyone is interested in more details please let me know by leaving a comment or writing to the email address from the sidebar.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Rues de Paris

I love this color! The simpleness of blue, the feeling of eternity and purity it caries in its concept makes me feel peace in my heart... It is said to be a cold color... But I don't think so! Perhaps it is because I love water so much. And water is immediately linked to summer in my mind. Warm summer evenings...

I created a mini collection, which contains 5 necklaces and a broach to immortalize some details of this past summer. The jewelry collection is entitled

"Souvenirs chaleureux de l'été passé"...

Some of these are still available in my shop!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pink Saturday -17-

This pendant is part of my mini Vintage collection decorated by this wonderful transfer picture taking us way back in time...Truth be told, it already found a new owner on the Christmas Fair I attended this past weekend. Tender, long and slim golden chains and a ceramics pendant with colloidal-gold margins and a vintage transfer picture...What more could a woman ask for...? ♥
And since I already gave you a sneak peek of this collection, I will post about it all in a couple of days so stay tuned.

Happy Pink Saturday!
Don't forget to check out Beverly's place to check out the other posts too, especially since PS has an optional choice for Christmas, so there will most likely be many Christmas posts linked up today!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Sending a special warm thought to all those alone on this day...
Merry Christmas or as I would most often say Áldott Karácsonyt (in Hungarian)!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

For the thousandth time...

I have had a very exhausting week despite the jolly season. Exhausting in the sense that I feel worn out from the inside and an awful sadness took me as prisoner not wanting to let me walk freely. I mean it is really flattering and wonderful that so many people I met this summer are asking about whether I am going to Rotterdam for the Taize winter meeting or not, but it is very painful for me in itself that I am not going , let alone repeat it out loud one thousand times that I won't be able to make it...
Yesterday the glass got full to the brim so I packed my gym bag and went jogging half and hour then cycled 45 minutes. In the break between those two I had a very random conversations with a "muscle-brain" guy. Usually I want nothing to do with this type, but suddenly I realized that I might be saying more than I normally would and I didn't mind...then I thought, hmmm, "it is a bit like in Taize talking to people I normally never would and enjoying it to the maximum"... Yet in this case it would be awfully a lot to state that I was enjoying it, but I sure did surprise myself.
Then earlier today I saw a documentary with fr. Roger on T.V. which left me with very strong but mixed feelings, and watery eyes. Yet it felt so good to listen to him talking about uncertainty and peace.
And while yesterday I kept repeating a song by Norah Jones -there is a line in which she sings "I wish I had a crystal ball, to show me if it's worth it all"-, today I just wish my heart could slow down and my mind could calm down and rest for a while.
I only wish for peace and silence...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

...evening reveries

It is strange how exactly when we think that we have been forging ahead 100%, we stop and look back. I try to keep seeing a red light in the rare-view, but sometimes the romantic dreaminess, other times a sad reverie takes me under its spell.
...but no matter what happens outside, what direction my life may take, I just wish to keep my peace which comes strong from within...yet I wish I could just telepathically transport myself to Taize for an evening prayer, sing and be silent.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Craciun cu Stil -- Handmade Market

The Christmas Market over the weekend was great, I had a great time and felt really fresh despite the long hours put into the whole deal! There were really wonderful handmade artisans present with many magical creations delighting the visitors, who have come in a nice number, though it was soooooooooooooooo so very cold outside...but I suppose the Christmas shopping craze and the welcoming though of products having a story won people over!

And until I am impatiently waiting for a new fair to come (most likely in February) check out all the loveliness available in Jasmin Blanc Boutique!


Update!!! Dec. 23.
I received a link to many many photos about the Christmas Fair taken by Tudor Sofron that you can view here! And I took the liberty to use this picture of me taken on the second market-day giving all credit to Tudor for it. And sending out a big thanks for immortalizing that nice weekend.

Also on Facut de mana.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Market at CLUJ NAPOCA

Christmas is barely a few steps away so I'd like to invite you all (especially if you are from Cluj Napoca) to come visit our Christmas Market at ”Turnul Croitorilor” (str. Baba Novac nr.35). Stop buying presents without a soul for Christmas! At this market you will find jewelry, accessories and clothes and all kinds of decorating items for your home, which were made with true emotions and love by human beings and not by impersonal machinery. These gifts have a story to tell, they represent something, so join me and a number of other artisans this weekend (18 and 19 December 2010 at 11.00 to 18.00) for:


See you there!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Chocolate-y Winter

I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now...

Snow is falling with beautiful, big snowflakes.
I am baking a chocolate cake for a wonderful friend's birthday.
Christmas music is playing in the background.
Dancing alone in my pj-s in the kitchen, while sculpting letters and numbers from banana slices to decorate the cake with.

I really do have a great life and sometimes I have the feeling I cannot appreciate it properly. I am very grateful though...Beyond words!


Extra Extra!!! Read All About It

I have an announcement to make!
Though you have probably noticed already, I want to let all of you know that I changed the title of my blog...Le Monde d'Erika was really meaningful to me, since this blog is about my little world and the way I see things. However, it was practically impossible for me to keep up with two blogs, one for "personal" subjects and the other one for my shop: Jasmin Blanc; I just couldn't find the time, thus I did neither of them properly.
Sooooooooo, I decided to move everything over here, just simply by changing the title. Wise, huh? :) Anyway, the point is, that all my creations will be available for purchasing at my Breslo shop and if you have any questions whatsoever, don't hesitate to ask them through mail: erika(dot)iozsa(at)gmail(dot)com, or just by leaving a comment to any of my posts.
This blog will have its previous character with a different variety of posts, so don't you worry. It is still going to be about my tiny, but never-the-less enchanting and bewitching, world :)

Stay tuned!

Warm Monday

How to keep warm this time of year? In my shop now ♥

Jasmin Blanc Boutique for the winter


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Red Amarillys

Interestingly enough I just wrote about not being a big fan of "red" (click here to read more) and yet here is a request I had completed for a lovely person in pure red. Her name is Adriana and she makes beautiful soaps. Should you like to know more check out her shop called Marillys and allow her creations to enchant you. Til then here is my favorite one:

Image via Breslo

So this request I was talking about consisted of ten brooches, something like this one I have in my shop entitled "Emilie" that you can view here. Except the rose image on this one is a transfer picture on glazed ceramics and the one with the Amarillys is hand painted with cold paint and varnished for protection.

But she wanted a red Amarillys so I drew her one first on paper, telling her that painting on ceramics is a lot different than a sketch on paper, but she agreed to it anyway and was thrilled at the thought of it, so now what remains is to hear her reaction to the final result.

And so it seams I do not like red when it comes to me wearing it, but sneaking it into my work starts to grow on me.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday inspirations

Long time since I posted anything except participating in Pink Saturdays hosted by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound. But truth be told I miss blogging... Yet I needed this break to just gather my thoughts and sort some things out.
So I thought I'd dedicate each Sunday to holy inspiration...just photos I gather over and about from the internet, with sources of course.

I had a little issue last week...Well I couldn't really call it an issue, but what happened bothered me a lot at that moment. Have you ever been copied by someone? And I am not talking about the times you inspired someones else. That happens to all of us each and every day. That is when someone takes a part of you and adds to it, making that tiny "borrowed" thing their own. This is how we all are, this is how everyone functions. If it is not each other that we are inspired from then it is nature, our environment...anything really. But I am not referring to all this, I am referring to being copied. Period. Wanting to be you. Trying to have the same dressing style, the same interests and repeating the same sayings...So lame...

Being inspired by something in order to create something new is life, but copying someone and trying to be the person one is not, well, that is disgusting!

So on that fine note :) here is a mosaic I put together for today. I never really liked red. I remember refusing to wear red as a child. My mother used to be so mad about that... When opening my closet I still couldn't find more than 3 items of that color. But I just realized that though it does not have a space in my home it sure does have a space in my heart...I really like red on other people or just simply seeing it around...

Ice hotel in Finland
Kitchen card
Earrings on Etsy
Tin of quotes
Vanilla dress on Etsy

Nature photography on Etsy
Ephemeron photograpy
Zee couch potatoe
Stil Feminin
Made by Rachel

Hope you enjoyed my red Sunday and let me know how you feel about this color!

Ps. And I'll confess to having a red bike myself :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pink Saturday -16-

Today's surprise is this little mosaic I made to celebrate the lovely pinkness of the day. Happy Pink Saturday everyone, hope you enjoy every minute of it! I am linking this post up to Beverly's party so head over there and check out all the other lovely pinkies ♥


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pink Saturday -15-

I still didn't properly get back to blogging...After leaving for so long this summer I just can't find my way back to it, so weird...
But I really don't want to give up on it, I suppose I just have to take it easy for now. That is why I only post for Pink Saturday, but I really wouldn't want to give up on this party I love it too much! So thank you Beverly, from How Sweet the Sound!!!

I know it is a bit early to start the Christmas projects already, but with ceramics it is a bit different, it takes up a lot more time to get things done so I was really excited about creating Christmas tree ornaments... Here is where I showed you my newly poured angel which had to be put into the oven twice and glazed and all that, but it is ready now, with tiny pink bows...


Friday, November 5, 2010

Pink Saturday -14-

Another week has passed, but I haven't posted meanwhile. No reason, really. But I will soon make some more commitment to blogging. It will have been about time...
But anyway, happy Pink Saturday again to all of you out there.

Don't forget to visit the lovely Beverly at How Sweet the Sound and the rest of the PS bloggers with all their beautiful pink...


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pink Saturday -13-

Wishing you a lovely Pink Saturday on this glorious weekend with this tiny candy-like broach I made ♥

Don't forget to visit the lovely Beverly at How Sweet the Sound and the rest of the PS bloggers with all their beautiful pink/Halloween posts...


Thursday, October 28, 2010


...will it stop?
I have this constant feeling of restlessness. Sometimes it gives me energy, but at times it also wears me out! I have this little dwarf running up and down in my soul not letting me settle. Which in a way is not a bad thing, because it always guides me towards peace, which is what I am seeking in this state of mind of mine.
I suppose that instead of fighting it, I should learn to live with it, and let myself get carried with the things I have no control of. That is what I have been doing for the past month, time that I have spent at home since I came back from Taize. Let things be, stop worrying and live. But again I feel like I am lacking something and this is the moment when I know I have to change something.

What and I supposed to do? Where should I go?

Calme-toi, I like to tell myself...

But something is about to happen.

It is just one of those times when you can feel IT coming...I can...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday reveries

One of the days the past week I had the sudden urge to literally dive into a huge pile of old wedding gowns. But I reconsidered because the floor was not clean enough for the dresses to be put there...That was the only reason.
My grandma had two huge sacs full of old wedding dresses in the attic, and time has come for me to take them down from there and use them in one way or the other. I have soooooooooo many ideas. Some to revamp, some to up-cycle or just recycling certain parts. Oh how I love pieces which have stories, my goodness! It gives me this rush of energy to think even for a moment that the dress I hold in my hand was worn by someone on their most special day...Ooohlala ♥

My lovely B. was modeling these tiny creations I made recently...

They can be found in my Breslo shop. And actually I've been thinking about setting up an Etsy shop as well. Any suggestions, recommendations; and anyone from Romania has any idea about what is the best way for shipping to other countries from here? We have such silly policies and surreal fees; that I do know, but maybe someone knows the trick, because I am pretty sure there is one, isn't there? :o)

Hope you enjoyed!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pink Saturday -11-

Hope you enjoyed my soft PINK post. Wishing you a very happy Pink Saturday and don't forget to visit the lovely Beverly at How sweet the sound!
See you soon!