Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mes réves -- My dreams


Ok, so here's what I am thinking...I've been following some of the "Beach-blogs" for some time and also came across so many pictures and journals of gals who live next to/close to the beach and I cannot repress the thought withing my heart: I want to live next to the ocean/ on the seaside, whichever... Yes...Yes I do!
I shall have a porch with a view on to the waters and I shall watch the sunrise and the sunset whenever I want to (and believe me I WANT TO), I would like to see my kids (whom I do not YET have, but hoping to... one day, haha) making sand-castles, I want to trace their steps in the sand (I am such a stalker), I want to listen their laughter mixed with the wonderful song of the waves and I want to take long walks on the seaside at gloaming.(
Yes, I know I am a dreamer...
When I was little I used to dream about owning a lake house which has a cozy little attic (very important!) where I would paint, read and listen to classical music (I was a weird kid, I know)...And now this beach-house thingy...I didn't change much, did I? *sigh*

Hope you all have a sunny Sunday,
Á bientôt,
(oh and feel free to visit my favorite beach-blog Sara's Beach Cottage)

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