Monday, January 25, 2010

Petit-déjeuner... chez moi ou chez toi?

Une tasse de thé, s'il vous plait...

Une assiette vide?...Toujours négatif!Plaisanterie...Voila la pâtisserie:Et alors, des cerises??? Bring it on...please! (Ran out of rymes folks. Can you find one for this?)Ok, so now that you enjoyed a little breakfast we can get on to the theory part (I would not let you read on an empty stomach now, would I?)...Just a short ad on this sweet little mug.
Every time I go to France I also include staying in Taize as well, which is pretty much my spiritual home, I could say...Staying there makes me feel at home, makes me feel free and most of all it makes me feel hopeful for the future. It is like starting a new year after I come home (le soire de la Saint-Sylvestre all over again) and it makes me feel at ease with everything around me; makes me feel like being capable of living the moment and overcoming the obstacles that come my way...that is of course if I even perceive them as such, because of all the positive energy and attitude even issues seem like minor misunderstandings that go away by themselves over night. This magical place is a community of brothers and they welcome people from all over the world to share the simple life that they live with them, like them. Pray in silence and live in simplicity. They also earn much of their funds from which they also renovate and extend accommodation for the visitors; and they do that by creating. At the Exposition they sell book, dvds, cds, pottery, paintings, candles, post cards, pendants (I have a post with some of my Taize necklaces here) etc. So this is the place where I also got this beautiful little mug from this past summer. I am crazy the pottery created in the workshop. Too bad that until now I went either by bus, plane or train, so it was not very safe and convenient to bring lots of stuff with me. But what I dream about is, that when I will have m own home, family and KITCHEN, I will stuff it with Taize Pottery! There! I've said it! Not planning... just dreaming...hoping...praying...

(here are some pictures from the official Taize website)Bisous,

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