Monday, January 25, 2010

A sad note...{update}

My last post with this title was anything but positive... But it meant so much to me that there were people who seemed to care and they were praying for us, and I sure think that positive thoughts lead to positive results. Yes, you anticipate it right! My grandfather did survive the operation and he was sure looked after by many angels, because he is now home resting and WALKING with both his legs, trying to get better. The doctors said it was a miracle, because he had a cardiovascular stroke and the vein had already exploded (which they did not know until they opened him up) thus the blood should have diffused instantly in his leg, but it didn't. They said that they have never seen a similar case before and it is a rarely met phenomena. The somewhat bad news is that (which he is not aware of yet) he needs one more surgical intervention. A bigger, but less risky one...But we are confident, hopeful and faithful!
So thank you, again. So much! For being there...for praying and hoping with my family from miles away.

ps. I took this picture in the Taize (France)surroundings last summer. I used to jog by this view every morning; it made me forget about everything and just be right there, only concentrating on the present moment. Carpe Diem as they say....

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  1. Erika...I so hope that all turns out well for your grandfather..Im so glad to hear that the surgery went well..and hope that the second one goes just aswell...thinking of you x


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