Saturday, February 27, 2010

The "opening" of Jasmin Blanc

It is a pleasure to announce that I finally started my own online shop, well not really...haha, I created another blog, which I use as my shop right here , and I also use Breslo (kinda like the Romanian Etsy, but not really), that you can access here. I am really at the beginning of it all, but step by step I will properly update both of them. I promise! :o) And I will also keep notifying updates here on my lovely home blog.
For those of you who are from Romania it is quite easy to order and ship. But should there be anyone from abroad who would like to order something please don't hesitate to write to me, so that we can work out a solution that works for both of us.

For details visit the above links or just shoot me an email.

A sad note {last update}

Since I have been writing about my grandfather's problems in previous posts ( here and here) I would like to thank again all those people who were with our family throughout these tough times. And I sadly have to let you all know that my grandfather passed away last Tuesday. He was already in coma for two days before he finally went away to live with the angels.
I do know that for him these days to come would have been hell on Earth, because of all the pain and emotional suffering. So I'm aware of the fact that for him it was better this way. And I feel that I am able to be thankful for one thing: that he is not suffering anymore. Still all this awareness can't wipe away the pain and cannot fill in the void that his absence created.
He was the second really close person whom I have lost, but I feel like every time I lose someone for ever I also lose a part of myself, a part of what made me who I am today...

May his soul rest in peace.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Evening Sketches -- Blow away dandelion

Making wishes again takes me away to the lovely land of spring/summertime...Bubbles and dandelions are all it takes to make me happy sometimes. But I would not complain either if I could lie on a blanket outside somewhere and watch as the clouds get blown away by the caressing lightness of the summer-wind. Oh how I love interpreting clouds; their versatility never fails to amaze me, how they change shape in some seconds and metamorphose into something even more impressive then before.
There is something very beautiful about these moments. It is almost as good as when I sit on a bench and watch people walk by and I picture their lives. Well actually I would not compare. Both games are equally fun and delighting. Do you ever play such games?

Share a dream and be thankful gals and guys. Joyful Saturday!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Blooming headband

I think that this spring mood is starting to get to me. But in a good sense (is there is one with this expression at all)...Anyways I keep making flowers, all kind of flowers. I've also been making fabric-roses, with which I don't yet have any plans, but it is even more exciting this way.
Plus I could not resist buying a pot of daffodils today (7 bulbs to be exact) :o) but I still need to bed them out into another pot so photos later. In the meantime here is my "artificial" flower crown :o)
I am pretty sure that you are as anxious as I am for the arrival of this lovely season in which colorful flowers are growing and blooming everywhere not just in greenhouses. I had such an incredible energy today...Sunshine makes me happy, it has been scientifically proven. My seasonal affective disorder is officially over :o)

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blooming cardigan

All righty! First off, I must warn you never to leave your camera lying around near me, because the bellow "phenomena" might occur :o) I don't easily get bored that for sure, I always find something to do, something to amuse me. I remember this one time, I was about 5 or 6 and I was playing outside in the park. I was fed up with swinging and with God knows what else kids do in playgrounds and I felt the sudden need to play with dolls (this used to happen a lot), but I was too lazy to walk home (note: playground is right next to where I live :o), so I made a doll. I had a ball with me and my tiny blanket, so I covered the ball with it and secured it with the rubber ring I had in my hair. And voila, a very unusual UFO-like doll, but all you need is a little imagination and it can be transformed even into a Barby doll. In your mind of course...:o)

The focus should be on the little flower-brooch, not my camera, but hey, you can't blame me for fooling around a bit now, can you? :o)
Here's a close up though:

So easy to make and it really counts. Clothes need some love too... I have another little detail right HERE. Let me know if you like your clothes to bloom too and don't hesitate to invite me over to your blog to check out your "spicing-up idea".


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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bags and cookies part #2

Just a little something in the continuation of this post . Different colors, different fabric, somewhat different concepts and ideas. Same love, same happiness, same delight!

Lately I've been posting post of my images in collage format. I never really purchase soft-wares from the internet. And I knew that there were some online programs which have quite many features for free (of course you can update, but I haven't fount that necessary), but until now haven't been able to find one that I liked, I was only aware of their existence. Many of you might swim in the same waters. So I thought I'd share. I came across Picnik and I can say that for my purposes it is perfect and again for my purposes it is simple to use (I am not the biggest genius in what informatics is concerned, in other words I'm quite a dummy in this respect). I hope I helped out a desperate soul out there in bloggy-land :o)
Making these little sacs is so easy, especially these simple ones and I think that they look really pretty with some small decoration even made form a little piece of leftover fabric (in fact the bag is made of a vintage linen I piled up for you guys to see in another post a few days ago). So you get a little day & life beautifier in less than 20 minutes. You bake some cookies and you'll have a tasty day even, not just a beautiful one.
Try to live somewhat simpler and you'll be beautiful, I assure you.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Evening Sketches -- Bidies fly away, if they can

It is good to get out from our cages from time to time. To lose the chains which hold our lives back. It is hard to make that step though. Chains and cages also give some kind of stability to many people. And even though they know that their lives are held in strong hands, others than their own, they just let it happen. They let it roll on and on, conducted by everybody around them, it is a lot more comfortable that way...But is it refreshing? Self-actualizing? Is every day a new day to experiment with the joy of living, of being alive? Or is it just another monotone robot-like process?
Think again before you engage yourself into something...It might not be easy to get out of it afterwards.


(*please note that these thoughts may be inspiration from someone's life, my life or life in general. So no sympathy or commiseration is needed towards my humble being. -with all do respect. Thank you!)

Un petit détail

I had a simple gray knitted cardigan that I loved (I love simple things), but kinda got bored with it. So I thought about spicing it up a little with something that can be done in less than 15 min. And this is how it turned out.
You only need six small circles of fabric, a bead (small button or pearl), a tiny little safety pin (optional), needle and thread to sew with.

~So first you take two circles fold each of them in half and than place them one next to the other (creases in the middle). Than sew them together in the middle with a few stitches, so you get a new circle (but it is fluffier).
~Take another circle, fold it in half, than once again; so you get sort of a triangle.
~Repeat with the other three circles and than sew each of them into the middle of your main "fluffy" circle. When you're ready, glue the bead (pearl or button) into the middle of your flower (you can use hot glue. Honestly, I used something similar to superglue, but it's somewhat stronger, so basically anything will do).
~And to finish things you can either sew it to your clothing, or attach it with a tiny safety-pin, your choice.
Et voilà:bisous, Erika

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Bags and cookies part #1

Classy breakfast? Oui peut-être! Why not...? I decided not to decorate these cookies, because the sugar topping would have spoiled their original taste, plus they look so nice this way, plain and simple :o)
Making this little sac was such a pleasure, it makes me smile. I can't explain...Is it the pink heart? Is it the lacy detail? I have no idea, but it changes my mood when I look at it that's for sure. It often happens to me...♥

This cross- stitching affair is really starting to grow on me. Not a bad thing, now, is it?
Sending you lots of love on this sunny day.
Bisous, Erika

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Monday, February 15, 2010

My new amour

Cross stitching and sewing have become my {renewed} lovers and I spent most of my weekend pulling a needle or pushing my sewing machine's pedal. The rest of it rolled by with drinking coffee and {romantically} studying French (on Valentine's day) for my exam. :o)
So here's one of the many creations born in these past days.
(Click on the photos to see them in bigger format, it is worth it)

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Today I love

Look at this solution...hell of a "headboard" I'd say! The color choice is not really suitable for my taste but the idea itself definitely enchans me :o)
(pic from

bisous, Erika ♥

Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekend fun

Weekends are always fun! Even if you happen to have lots of free time during the week, when the weekend comes it feels different...I guess it is mainly because we are used to waiting for the weekends, it becomes a kind of routine. How sad is that?
But I am not here to talk about the faults of human nature. My intentions are a lot more positive than that :o)
Reading about what fellow crafty bloggers do in weekends is always a blast. Inspiring, I should say! But I, myself, also like to talk about my weekends (or just talk in general, haha)...So here's how my mental image of the following two days looks like:
~french class~
~visiting grandpa in the hospital -maybe accidentally run into the cute young doctor- (no, but seriously they have transferred grandpa to a regular room, so we can go visit now, yaaaay!)~
~cross stitching~
~coffee/hot chocolate with a sweet friend~
~sewing 1/2/3/etc small bags/sacs together~
~maybe baking something sweet and chocolaty (but I would have to sort that one out with my silhouette-conscience first, haha)~Have a sunny weekend my friends!

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Once upon a time

I am blessed to have been born in this family of mine~I really am!
Pretty much everyone in my close family had been working/works in some kind of crafty job. My grandma #1 was a seamstress, grandma #2 was doing beautiful embroideries and not only all her life, grandpa used to paint, mom was a knitter, but started working with ceramics after she married my dad who was already a pro. I grew up learning to sew, to crochet, to knit (but never really befriended with), to draw and to collect :o) ('we can never know when we can use this' everyone used to say); so probably the latter shaped my love towards everything vintage...
When I was a little girl my favorite thing to do was to make dresses to my Barby-dolls. Oh how I loved to do that. I remember having whole sacs filled with all types of sewn dresses; I even tailored my pretty socks and transformed them into slender dresses, swim-suits or panty hose (my mom was never too happy about that though), because they had great elasticity and I could never find that kind of fabric within my grandmas' leftovers :o)
But that is enough history...
Skipping a "few" years let's get back to the Present.
Here are some beauties; my mom's work:Celebrate family! Be grateful for the little things,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meet Miss Bessy and Mr. Man Max

Here's what happens when little girls are good: They get puppies!!! ♥Ok, not really. Unfortunately I cannot afford to take care of such lovely creatures at the moment, since they do require a lot of time and attention; means that I cannot really provide right now. The good thing is though, that my very best friend, B., just received these lovebugs a few days ago, and I became the Godmother/Babysitter (or doggy-sitter, is it?). I had the best time the other nights...
Look at how tiny they are ♥ Puppy-power together with their mommy:
This is me, faking to sleep, but Bessy was doing the real deal:
Meet our guy, Max:

I hope I made you smile!:o)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The magic workshop

The past days, weeks even, have been quite stressful and suffocating with my exams and all, so I really felt like I needed to get away somewhere...What do I do when I need that, do you think? I go to my parents workshop of course (I think I already told you they work(ed) with ceramics, clay & co.). So what does a sane person do when in a ceramics workshop? Go crazy with the clay and all, right. Now, what does Erika do when she goes there? Same thing? No way. She cross stitches. Sculpting would have been such a cliche really. Haha, I am just kidding here. Normally I do that, sculpting I mean. Like it's supposed to be. BUT, I am having a new affair. A love-affair...I have had so many lovers so far it is almost hard to count them...
Craft "lovers", what did you think they were...??? ♥

Mr. Cross Stitch is my freshest prey, yes he is! But I will surely have LOTS of posts on this subject, so let me just get back to my 'perfect relaxation day' theme. The workshop is in the countryside, on a hill and from the windows all you can see is the top of the hill and the sky. I cannot tell you how much I needed that. No cars, no horns, no noise (except for our crazy cat's very weird miaow), no pollution, no mud, NO STRESS. It was so peaceful; I am so glad I finally made time for myself; to be a little while in my world again...It was like being in a dream-world, but in the same time I felt so alive!Bisous-Bisous,

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Cards...with love

Hello lovelies, welcome to my love post featuring some of my (not so red and valentine-ish) handmade ♥ cards. Enjoy!
(click on the pics above to view them a little more detailed)
( would be fun sending them all out with the note: "you are my one and only"...haha...just kidding, I made them for fun, not necessarily to use right away, or for personal use for that matter)

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pink reveries

Love through the color that comes from my heart!
Wishing you a lovely weekend;

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lets run away together

This morning I woke up to Nora Jones' Come away with me and it feels so nice right now to invite all of you guys to join me in the universe of great mood with sunshine streaming through our windows, rooms, bodies and hearts. It is so nice to witness such a miracle; it almost feels like spring or even summer from the inside...And that makes me fall into daydreaming again, picturing all the lovely greens and pinks and light blues and whites arriving together with the start of spring...Oh how I long for that!
The truth is, that February sunshine always lights a little sparkle of hope in me, reminding me that all that I really love is so close, and the winter is almost over. It is like an appetizer before the main dish. Like a sweet little appetizer; something light but sensational in the same time.

I found a picture the other day, randomly browsing through the internet (wow, you can find such things on the internet nowadays?). No, but the truth is, I found this one first... ...and than I got so interested in the subject, that I started doing a little research about the place. I am talking about an island called Seychelles which is an archipelago nation consisting of 155 islands (according to the Constitution) in the Indian Ocean.How cool is that? I am fascinated about the place.
Since the island of Seychelles had no indigenous people, the population consists of immigrants. The largest ethnic groups are of French, African, Indian and Chinese descent. And what is even cooler is that French and English are official languages (along with Seychellois Creole, which is primarily based upon French), so yeah girlies, I think we would do just fine there as far as communication goes. And I don't know about you, but I could totally deal with the entourage as well...:o)What I found funny (and way too awesome!haha) was that Seychellois society is essentially matriarchal, you probably know what that means, but it feels nice to just read and hear it "out in the open": mothers tend to be the dominant in the household controlling most currents expenditures. Unwed mothers are the societal norm and the law obliges fathers to support their children. I love how mothers (motherhood and everything related to it) enter into the center of society and earning a living is just something that supports life, as opposed to becoming the main feature of the society. People do not live to work, but work to live! Amen to that!
Simplifying life and concentrating on the things that are really important and which mean the most in life is even easier in such a perfect-looking environment, I think.
Lets beautify our universe and make it personalized and special through the little beautiful things we create. Let that be people or objects. Either-way, let the actions come from your hearts and not from the mechanisms of a robot.
Be joyful and grateful with me on this wonderful Thursday!