Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bags and cookies part #2

Just a little something in the continuation of this post . Different colors, different fabric, somewhat different concepts and ideas. Same love, same happiness, same delight!

Lately I've been posting post of my images in collage format. I never really purchase soft-wares from the internet. And I knew that there were some online programs which have quite many features for free (of course you can update, but I haven't fount that necessary), but until now haven't been able to find one that I liked, I was only aware of their existence. Many of you might swim in the same waters. So I thought I'd share. I came across Picnik and I can say that for my purposes it is perfect and again for my purposes it is simple to use (I am not the biggest genius in what informatics is concerned, in other words I'm quite a dummy in this respect). I hope I helped out a desperate soul out there in bloggy-land :o)
Making these little sacs is so easy, especially these simple ones and I think that they look really pretty with some small decoration even made form a little piece of leftover fabric (in fact the bag is made of a vintage linen I piled up for you guys to see in another post a few days ago). So you get a little day & life beautifier in less than 20 minutes. You bake some cookies and you'll have a tasty day even, not just a beautiful one.
Try to live somewhat simpler and you'll be beautiful, I assure you.
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  1. Lovely sacks, yummy cookies. Sweet post.
    I have heard many good things about picknick, time that I check that out.

  2. Whatever you put in these darling little sacks would be a wonderful treat. Beautiful!

  3. Love it, so chic and fresh. This is my first white post and I am having so much fun checking you girls out. Thanks for sharing.

    Cha Cha

  4. Oh that is just too clever...well done!


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