Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Evening Sketches -- Bidies fly away, if they can

It is good to get out from our cages from time to time. To lose the chains which hold our lives back. It is hard to make that step though. Chains and cages also give some kind of stability to many people. And even though they know that their lives are held in strong hands, others than their own, they just let it happen. They let it roll on and on, conducted by everybody around them, it is a lot more comfortable that way...But is it refreshing? Self-actualizing? Is every day a new day to experiment with the joy of living, of being alive? Or is it just another monotone robot-like process?
Think again before you engage yourself into something...It might not be easy to get out of it afterwards.


(*please note that these thoughts may be inspiration from someone's life, my life or life in general. So no sympathy or commiseration is needed towards my humble being. -with all do respect. Thank you!)

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