Saturday, February 20, 2010

Evening Sketches -- Blow away dandelion

Making wishes again takes me away to the lovely land of spring/summertime...Bubbles and dandelions are all it takes to make me happy sometimes. But I would not complain either if I could lie on a blanket outside somewhere and watch as the clouds get blown away by the caressing lightness of the summer-wind. Oh how I love interpreting clouds; their versatility never fails to amaze me, how they change shape in some seconds and metamorphose into something even more impressive then before.
There is something very beautiful about these moments. It is almost as good as when I sit on a bench and watch people walk by and I picture their lives. Well actually I would not compare. Both games are equally fun and delighting. Do you ever play such games?

Share a dream and be thankful gals and guys. Joyful Saturday!



  1. Ciao Erika,
    très Jolie ton Blog!!!
    Bisous :)

    Daniela "DREAM SHABBY CHIC" from Milano

  2. Hy, Erika,
    both games are the same interesting, in a way, the watching of the clouds is somewhat more relaxing, as observing the people, from whom it almost hurts to see, that they can not smile anymore, and rarely enjoy the little things of life.
    All the best ;)


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