Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meet Miss Bessy and Mr. Man Max

Here's what happens when little girls are good: They get puppies!!! ♥Ok, not really. Unfortunately I cannot afford to take care of such lovely creatures at the moment, since they do require a lot of time and attention; means that I cannot really provide right now. The good thing is though, that my very best friend, B., just received these lovebugs a few days ago, and I became the Godmother/Babysitter (or doggy-sitter, is it?). I had the best time the other nights...
Look at how tiny they are ♥ Puppy-power together with their mommy:
This is me, faking to sleep, but Bessy was doing the real deal:
Meet our guy, Max:

I hope I made you smile!:o)

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