Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lets run away together

This morning I woke up to Nora Jones' Come away with me and it feels so nice right now to invite all of you guys to join me in the universe of great mood with sunshine streaming through our windows, rooms, bodies and hearts. It is so nice to witness such a miracle; it almost feels like spring or even summer from the inside...And that makes me fall into daydreaming again, picturing all the lovely greens and pinks and light blues and whites arriving together with the start of spring...Oh how I long for that!
The truth is, that February sunshine always lights a little sparkle of hope in me, reminding me that all that I really love is so close, and the winter is almost over. It is like an appetizer before the main dish. Like a sweet little appetizer; something light but sensational in the same time.

I found a picture the other day, randomly browsing through the internet (wow, you can find such things on the internet nowadays?). No, but the truth is, I found this one first... ...and than I got so interested in the subject, that I started doing a little research about the place. I am talking about an island called Seychelles which is an archipelago nation consisting of 155 islands (according to the Constitution) in the Indian Ocean.How cool is that? I am fascinated about the place.
Since the island of Seychelles had no indigenous people, the population consists of immigrants. The largest ethnic groups are of French, African, Indian and Chinese descent. And what is even cooler is that French and English are official languages (along with Seychellois Creole, which is primarily based upon French), so yeah girlies, I think we would do just fine there as far as communication goes. And I don't know about you, but I could totally deal with the entourage as well...:o)What I found funny (and way too awesome!haha) was that Seychellois society is essentially matriarchal, you probably know what that means, but it feels nice to just read and hear it "out in the open": mothers tend to be the dominant in the household controlling most currents expenditures. Unwed mothers are the societal norm and the law obliges fathers to support their children. I love how mothers (motherhood and everything related to it) enter into the center of society and earning a living is just something that supports life, as opposed to becoming the main feature of the society. People do not live to work, but work to live! Amen to that!
Simplifying life and concentrating on the things that are really important and which mean the most in life is even easier in such a perfect-looking environment, I think.
Lets beautify our universe and make it personalized and special through the little beautiful things we create. Let that be people or objects. Either-way, let the actions come from your hearts and not from the mechanisms of a robot.
Be joyful and grateful with me on this wonderful Thursday!


  1. The Seychelles look and sound amazing. That was one of the destinations we looked at for our honeymoon nearly 12 years ago but being as far away as it is from Australia, it was way out of our budget unfortunately. It's still on my dream list of places to go though :)
    Thanks for stopping by and for your input re the dress :)

  2. I know an island that has only 54 people, and is full of history!
    The name is Pitcairn, an I hope that some day I will travel there; is like a statement for me!


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