Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The magic workshop

The past days, weeks even, have been quite stressful and suffocating with my exams and all, so I really felt like I needed to get away somewhere...What do I do when I need that, do you think? I go to my parents workshop of course (I think I already told you they work(ed) with ceramics, clay & co.). So what does a sane person do when in a ceramics workshop? Go crazy with the clay and all, right. Now, what does Erika do when she goes there? Same thing? No way. She cross stitches. Sculpting would have been such a cliche really. Haha, I am just kidding here. Normally I do that, sculpting I mean. Like it's supposed to be. BUT, I am having a new affair. A love-affair...I have had so many lovers so far it is almost hard to count them...
Craft "lovers", what did you think they were...??? ♥

Mr. Cross Stitch is my freshest prey, yes he is! But I will surely have LOTS of posts on this subject, so let me just get back to my 'perfect relaxation day' theme. The workshop is in the countryside, on a hill and from the windows all you can see is the top of the hill and the sky. I cannot tell you how much I needed that. No cars, no horns, no noise (except for our crazy cat's very weird miaow), no pollution, no mud, NO STRESS. It was so peaceful; I am so glad I finally made time for myself; to be a little while in my world again...It was like being in a dream-world, but in the same time I felt so alive!Bisous-Bisous,

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  1. Oh my goodness, that first picture took my breath away! I have a thing for sky pictures :) Happy Outdoor Wednesday


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