Friday, February 12, 2010

Once upon a time

I am blessed to have been born in this family of mine~I really am!
Pretty much everyone in my close family had been working/works in some kind of crafty job. My grandma #1 was a seamstress, grandma #2 was doing beautiful embroideries and not only all her life, grandpa used to paint, mom was a knitter, but started working with ceramics after she married my dad who was already a pro. I grew up learning to sew, to crochet, to knit (but never really befriended with), to draw and to collect :o) ('we can never know when we can use this' everyone used to say); so probably the latter shaped my love towards everything vintage...
When I was a little girl my favorite thing to do was to make dresses to my Barby-dolls. Oh how I loved to do that. I remember having whole sacs filled with all types of sewn dresses; I even tailored my pretty socks and transformed them into slender dresses, swim-suits or panty hose (my mom was never too happy about that though), because they had great elasticity and I could never find that kind of fabric within my grandmas' leftovers :o)
But that is enough history...
Skipping a "few" years let's get back to the Present.
Here are some beauties; my mom's work:Celebrate family! Be grateful for the little things,

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