Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekend fun

Weekends are always fun! Even if you happen to have lots of free time during the week, when the weekend comes it feels different...I guess it is mainly because we are used to waiting for the weekends, it becomes a kind of routine. How sad is that?
But I am not here to talk about the faults of human nature. My intentions are a lot more positive than that :o)
Reading about what fellow crafty bloggers do in weekends is always a blast. Inspiring, I should say! But I, myself, also like to talk about my weekends (or just talk in general, haha)...So here's how my mental image of the following two days looks like:
~french class~
~visiting grandpa in the hospital -maybe accidentally run into the cute young doctor- (no, but seriously they have transferred grandpa to a regular room, so we can go visit now, yaaaay!)~
~cross stitching~
~coffee/hot chocolate with a sweet friend~
~sewing 1/2/3/etc small bags/sacs together~
~maybe baking something sweet and chocolaty (but I would have to sort that one out with my silhouette-conscience first, haha)~Have a sunny weekend my friends!

I am linking up to:
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  1. Hot chocolate and sewing go together well! Your old linens are so pretty - they seem to get softer and cozier the more they're washed!

  2. Silhouette conscience! Ha, that is one I have never heard before! Joan

  3. I love the shadows and textures in the whites of your beautiful mosaic!
    Its so nice to meet you!
    ~Really Rainey~

  4. Sounds like a lovley weekend! Pretty fabrics! Thank you for joining Timeless Tuesday.
    Paula Grace ~

  5. You are so right. Weekends feel different even though we are retired now. But that's good. Nice to have a different feel to the days!

  6. Wonderful mosaic! Have a great weekend!


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