Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Before and After - Wooden bracelet

Hello lovelies, how have ya' been? :o)
I don't really know what the situation with me is, but I feel like I am lacking motivation for most of my activities, regardless of whether I would normally enjoy that thing or not... I suppose that discontinuing my yoga practice was not of any help either. It is not nice, AT ALL, so I am trying to "fix" this silly issue which affects me quite a lot. Ugh.
Anyway, apart from that, in my darkest moments (not), I've redone/recycled (whatever you want to call it) one of my wooden bracelets which I grew tired of. It had no personality, probably that is why I "inherited" it from my sis'. But it is all done...Not even sure I'm gonna keep it. I might sell it, who knows, we shall see about that. For now, here it is :o)

(try clicking on the pic to see it better)

Ok, so the truth is, I have no idea how bracelets should be photographed in order to show the reality, because it sure seems different to me in real life. But I did my best. It has a circular design of an imaginary branch, a pink birdie and light-green leaves, that is mainly why it was hard to photograph it, so I tried to take one shot of each "facet". Click on the photo to see it better.

I am sorry for being so moody today. Promise I'll try to get back to smiley-happy me again real' soon,
Bisous, Erika

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Today I love...

...this stairway. How amazing is that, so practical and so creative. I started browsing through Marie Claire Maison just recently and I came across so many super-duper ideas :o) Obviously I found this pic over there as well...

Bisous, Erika

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Evening sketches -- Wait for me (and pencil support)

I have had a less exciting day than yesterday, but it still ended quite ok, I suppose. Perhaps my more melancholic and moony emotional state even helped me in creating these thing, who knows...

So I should first start with showing you my sketch. Voila!
I will not ramble on about it, because there is not much to say :o) I'm too positive tonight, aren't I? lol

My pencil and brush tray need just a little bit of wordy frame, before you can get on to the pics.
I am pretty much always on the hunt for fabulous napkins for my napkin-art crafts and I have been looking for cobalt blue floral designs for such a long time, until one of these day I finally found them.
It is so funny, because if you base-coat the wood you are about to place the napkin on with white paint, after you applied your decoupage, it looks (from a few feet distance) as if it were a cobalt painted porcelain support instead of wood. I love it! So I thought about decorating this lovely little support for pencils and brushes like that :o)
Should you be interested in it, check it out here!


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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Special day today!

Why? You may ask...Well apart from the beautiful weather that we benefit from today, it is also my father's 50th birthday. It is even hard to believe...But such a blessed day this is!
And a very VERY blessed girl, that is what I am; to have such a wonderful person right next to me, seeing him happy or even sad (but seeing him). I feel like I can be grateful even for the cloudy days, because what is the most important thing for me right now is that he exists.

He was, is and always will be a model for me, and I am how and who I am because of him! All I know is, (and this will pretty much sum up how I feel) that when the time will be right to have my own family I want to be such a parent, to my children, that he was/is to me. I love him dearly! ♥

Nagyon Sok Boldog Szülinapot Édesapám !!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

En-purple-ing the world

Just a little something that I managed to finish up this weekend (among the many things that I have started).

So I started out by making a cross-stitching pattern that I named "5 o'clock tea" and I took it from there :o)

Then I stitched the design...

And made a romantic looking white-purple tote with ruffles at its opening and a pocket in the front decorated with the sweet little cross stitch design:

Et voila:You feel en-purpled? Click here

Bisous ♥

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Blue Birds

Haven't shown any of my stitches lately, have I. Honestly don't know why, because I have tones to share...♥ These little blue birds are now on one of my pillows.

(click on the images to enlarge them)

May your week be sunny and bright :o)

Noir et blanc en couleur

So I have to tell you, my weekend was great! Productive and relaxing in the same time...I have started a few projects (one of them I have finished today) some bigger some smaller, some which take a lot of time and some can be finished in a shorter period of time...But you will surely find out about each and every one of them, when the time is right, namely when I finish up! :o) I am so excited though! How was your weekend?
Anyhow, until then, here is a collage of a few pics I took over the weekend. Enjoy!

(click on the photo to see it nice & big)

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Please Vote for HER

Hello lovelies...
This is going to be a non-crafty post, but interesting non-the-less.
My best friend, sister, Bea, who is the blessed possessor of an angelic voice, is competing for a spot in one of the most well known Romanian bands (looking for a vocalist). To listen to her, please click HERE. I know that most of my visitors are from outside Romania so you might not be able to vote, because you have to log in to this site which is in Romanian (will never understand why you have to sign in to vote...I mean there are other means to control that one person only votes once, but anyway). Still I encourage you to click on the large pink button on the bottom of the page where it says: ASCULTA, and listen to her! Then please leave a comment here encouraging her. It would mean the world to me. And to her, naturally!

So don't hesitate, click right here and then click the "asculta" button to listen to her. For all those who are able to sign up, please do that, it will only cost 3 minutes of your time, but it might just cost someone's future. And then drop a line or two to say what you think about her performance!

Thank you so much!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Today I love...Retro

Should I be asked to choose between a modern,super smart, high-tech, double door fridge and a simple 50s design fridge I would surely choose the latter. No doubt about it. Even better if it is energy efficient, namely redone or newly done. But I am mad about these:

(photos from flickr and country living)
Bisous, Erika

Monday, March 15, 2010

Framed window

You might remember my evening sketch post from the other day. Well it has been redone since then. I thought that I could definitely tolerate "windows" in my room (if you read the post I was talking about you already know about my incurable love for windows), so I framed it and it will soon decorate one of the walls in my room :o)
I only used scrap stuff like, some leftover lace, paint, glue, cross-stitching fabric, pin, I also made a few teabag roses and I randomly printed out a page of sheet music; and the frame of course which was a plain wooden frame I bought some time ago, but have not found a use for yet.
And this is pretty much how it turned out after about 20 minutes. I am quite happy with the results ♥

And now I'll get back to "same old, same old", but first you must answer my question: isn't this a lot more pleasant than researching Japanese Capitalism??? Ugh! But what needs to be done needs to be done, right? And off I go :o) Have a dreamy night!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

JASMIN BLANC --- Shop Update

Hello there!
just a short note about the 5 new little boxes that you can find in my shop.

1. "Coquette" box, which you can view here.
2. "Ma fleure brune" box, click here to see details.
3. "Trois tulipe et un ruban" box, you can find more here
4. "Chocolat" box; to see more photos click here

This lovely oval shaped box has vintage lace (+ button) around its top, but there is also a sweet surprise hiding under it. You can see details about "Agneau dans la boîte" here.

Thanks for visiting Jasmin Blanc!

First Bunny Post

It’s in the present that lies the secret: if you pay attention to the present you will be able to enhance it.
(Paulo Coleho)

Have a joyful and sunny Sunday!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Evening sketches - Flowers on the window ledge

I don't know when exactly my passion (or obsession even) for windows broke out (I think it was more like a development), all I know is that with time it has grown and now if I visit a new city all I seek for are the "my-type-of-windows", that's for sure.
Last summer, during my visit to France I have made hundreds of window photos (now that I came to mention it I realize that I haven't made the promised post about that trip...I shall post them one of these days, for real now) :o)
In fact my good friend, J., from Paris (whom I stayed with, when I was there) tried to analyze the reasoning for this passion! And one of his suppositions was that this probably comes from my interest in observing people, in observing their behavior. It is as if the different windows showed the diversity among men...Interesting hypothesis, I must say. And in a way it might be a part of the truth, I suppose. But for my part I can say that even though I like to look beyond the surface of things, when it comes to this matter I would not want to know the reason for it, I only want to enjoy the mood and thoughts it gives me by solely observing and photographing.
Tonight, since I have not traveled lately and I have not discovered any new/old/strange windows in town, I got inspired to sketch one...With flowers...
Were old and new passions come together ♥ :

Hope you enjoyed.

Potential bijoux

Here are some things I have been working on the past weekend: little ceramic plates for broaches, pendants, buttons, earrings and what not, in my parent's workshop as usual; {where else would I be able to work on these, right? :o) }

So, the truth is that pouring, shaping, stamping, and cleaning them was the greatest fun, but when it came to glazing I thought I'd drop dead of the slowness of the process, since I wanted ALL of it to be hand made I decided not to spray the glaze on, but to "paint it on" using a brush...The only thing I did not do, fortunately I was not even considering it, was that I didn't sit in the oven with them while they were burning :o) I am just joking of course.

Eventually, due to my stubbornness, I only had time to glaze this much of the whole bunch and got left with about 3 times the amount that I managed to glaze...

BUT, those few which are ready are to be transformed from potentiality to actuality and tomorrow I also hope to glaze some more, haha. Anyhow, stay tuned to see how they turn out to be in the end...


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Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have a button, yaaay!

Ok, so due to the title you already have an idea about what this post will contain, so I will not rob a ton of your precious crafty time with bla-bla rambling and I will cut to the chase. I have finally made my blog button today; for both of my blogs (see my other blog here). And I can firmly say that I hate the fact that I am so bad with this technology thing, I spent more that an hour until someone up there felt sorry for me and and helped me find this, where I only had to fill in the gaps, like a true dummie, and there it was:


I hope you like it as much as I do. The photo is the corner of a night-mask I've made the other day. Never new I was this girly, hahaha... I think it is blogging's fault, it brings the girlyness out of me ♥
If you like my bloggy and would like to spread my Monde feel free to add it to your blog-roll. You'd sure make me happy (*sigh*).