Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beads and memories

I was looking at some beads in a store the other day with the intention of buying something when it hit me. How could I have forgotten? I was a crazy bead person in secondary school. I've been making all kinds of jeweleries and all sorts of things. I was crazy about beading. But where did all those beads disappear??? :o)

All my "memory-boxes" are in my grandparents' (by this point only grandmothers' , unfortunately) attics. But I mean ALL of them, in TWO places. And even though I am a "semi-list maker" now, I have not always been like this, so the organizing list is nonexistent. And you have now idea how many boxes we are talking about here...I haven't either. All I know is: lots and lots!

So first I had to "ini mini miny moe" out where I was going to start the search for my oh-so-precious bead box. But long story short, I chose right because I was able to find it after the second box. Natural instinct, we've got to admit. Haha!

I was so anxious to see what was in the big box that I dumped everything on the couch like so:
And please don't ask me what did I not find in there, because I am not sure how I would answer that question. I'd probably say, no, I did not find a tiger, but other than that starting from make-up, sunglasses, fragrance bottles, BEADS, to washable tattoos everything is available. Haha!
Among those many things I have found my mother's vintage wristwatch (which I intend to have repaired) and a ring I got from a semi-precious stone exhibition in 7th grade.This was my very first bead-mix "collection".
Some of the many bracelets I have made back then, "en vrac".
My favorite little bracelet:
Ok, I think I'll stop boring you to death and say the usual "bisous" by showing you these lovely vintage pearls, my favorites! Heritage from great-great grandma. :o)
♥ Erika

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  1. That watch is indeed very nice it competes with many contemporary watches, and in many cases it wons the firs prise too.


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