Saturday, March 13, 2010

Evening sketches - Flowers on the window ledge

I don't know when exactly my passion (or obsession even) for windows broke out (I think it was more like a development), all I know is that with time it has grown and now if I visit a new city all I seek for are the "my-type-of-windows", that's for sure.
Last summer, during my visit to France I have made hundreds of window photos (now that I came to mention it I realize that I haven't made the promised post about that trip...I shall post them one of these days, for real now) :o)
In fact my good friend, J., from Paris (whom I stayed with, when I was there) tried to analyze the reasoning for this passion! And one of his suppositions was that this probably comes from my interest in observing people, in observing their behavior. It is as if the different windows showed the diversity among men...Interesting hypothesis, I must say. And in a way it might be a part of the truth, I suppose. But for my part I can say that even though I like to look beyond the surface of things, when it comes to this matter I would not want to know the reason for it, I only want to enjoy the mood and thoughts it gives me by solely observing and photographing.
Tonight, since I have not traveled lately and I have not discovered any new/old/strange windows in town, I got inspired to sketch one...With flowers...
Were old and new passions come together ♥ :

Hope you enjoyed.

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