Thursday, March 25, 2010

Evening sketches -- Wait for me (and pencil support)

I have had a less exciting day than yesterday, but it still ended quite ok, I suppose. Perhaps my more melancholic and moony emotional state even helped me in creating these thing, who knows...

So I should first start with showing you my sketch. Voila!
I will not ramble on about it, because there is not much to say :o) I'm too positive tonight, aren't I? lol

My pencil and brush tray need just a little bit of wordy frame, before you can get on to the pics.
I am pretty much always on the hunt for fabulous napkins for my napkin-art crafts and I have been looking for cobalt blue floral designs for such a long time, until one of these day I finally found them.
It is so funny, because if you base-coat the wood you are about to place the napkin on with white paint, after you applied your decoupage, it looks (from a few feet distance) as if it were a cobalt painted porcelain support instead of wood. I love it! So I thought about decorating this lovely little support for pencils and brushes like that :o)
Should you be interested in it, check it out here!


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  1. Might that drawing bee a self-portrait?
    The drawing is very good, but such a talent, alone? Somehow a typical romantic picture, when a lonely young girl, waits for the prince to arrive. Thanks God, everyone's prince and/or princes is out there somewhere, searching and waiting for the right-one, to come.

    The wooden pencil support is quite intresting.

  2. Simple and so pretty!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Make it Yours Day at My Backyard Eden!


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