Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have a button, yaaay!

Ok, so due to the title you already have an idea about what this post will contain, so I will not rob a ton of your precious crafty time with bla-bla rambling and I will cut to the chase. I have finally made my blog button today; for both of my blogs (see my other blog here). And I can firmly say that I hate the fact that I am so bad with this technology thing, I spent more that an hour until someone up there felt sorry for me and and helped me find this, where I only had to fill in the gaps, like a true dummie, and there it was:


I hope you like it as much as I do. The photo is the corner of a night-mask I've made the other day. Never new I was this girly, hahaha... I think it is blogging's fault, it brings the girlyness out of me ♥
If you like my bloggy and would like to spread my Monde feel free to add it to your blog-roll. You'd sure make me happy (*sigh*).


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  1. Szia, nem, hogy menozni akarok, de gazdasagi informatika szakon vagyok vegzos, talan rendelkezem annyi informatikai tudassal, hogy ha neha meg ehhez hasonlo gondjaid lennenek, legalabb egy jo otlettel szolgalhatok. :) Ugyamugy szabadidomben, mikor nem megfagyva szep lanyokat varok, ;) altalaban szamitogep karbantartassal foglalkozom, ki tudja, meg szukseged lessz valaha :D Gratulalok, egeszen jol sikerul a hivatkozasi gombod ;) -- mindezt csak azon esetben, ha nem veszed tolakodasnak.


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