Sunday, March 7, 2010

JASMIN BLANC --- Shop Update

Dearies, many things are going to add themselves up in my sweet little Jasmin Blanc shop the following week, because I have been quite busy and free in the same time this weekend. Busy with fun projects and free (more or less) from schoolwork, so I can say it was the perfect opportunity to seize and CREATE! :o)
But until I can pull together a little "photoshoot" (please feel the sarcasm) I will just share these two lovelies:

My "Le Marin" broach:

And my "Petit Bleu" bijou-box:

I cannot help but notice that I started March with a very "flourishing" accent, flowers all around, unconsciously (you'll see that in my other works as well soon). And it is quite ironic, because after a few well auguring days, we officially embrace (more like, are forced to embrace) winter again, with -10 to -20 C'. Thus it is not at all surprising that my unconscious self (blame Freud for that one, lol) manifests itself this it?
You know what I say? It is always better to feel "flowery" within, when everything around us freezes or drains, than detached and emotionless when even the surfaced road strives to burgeon...And with this "wise"thought I now say:
Bisous to all of you ♥

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