Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Puppies and kitties

Sad stories made happy...
Shocking, you may say, even. My parents found this doggy close to their workshop (click here) while taking a walk. She was tied to a huge rock and thrown into a streamlet. Luckily the water only got to the dog's stomach, so she could not have drowned, plus it was also good so that she would not dehydrate. By the time she was found she was so weak she could not even walk on her own, she was only "skin & bone" (she must have been there for about two weeks I suppose). My mom started feeding her with milk (the only thing she was able to eat and was aloud to, because should she eat more she would have probably died from shocking her body with an awful amount of food after ALMOST dieing of famine). What kind of person does something like that???

So she has been the workshop dog for a few years now, healthy and happy. She was never on chains, because we wanted her to be a free dog and wonder around the hillls around the workshop as she pleases. That is also why it is impossible to keep her clean. Her favorite thing to do is turning about in the mud, so you can imagine...But it doesn't matter as long as she is content, right? haha!
Second story is about a kitty-cat...
His mommy (astray cat, we have lots of them in Romania, as well as dogs) had him along with his sister (who unfortunately disappeared) in our garage next to my parent's workshop. While my father worked in far away "A", my mom and I, we rarefied our visits to the workshop, we only went out there to quickly feed the above mentioned lovely creature and to wash the car, but even then we never had to enter the garage (which has a tiny gap under its doors).
The one time we had to go in to fetch some kind of tool, we encountered a big cat and two kitty-look-alikes (they were so tiny, they didn't even have a cat-shape yet, haha). Can't tell you how happy I was!!!:o)

So long story short, miss kitty disappeared, but mr. kitty became our kitty until he also disappeared. We were guessing someone took him home because he was such a beautiful kitty and after 3 weeks we entirely abandoned the hope that she would ever come back.
Yesterday, however, when I went again with my parents to the workshop (because I had a free day and I wanted to make some little clay objects) there he was waiting for us on the doormat. He was not at all thinner or weaker so he must have been with another family, but he fortunately ran away and came back to us :o)

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