Thursday, April 29, 2010

Les Trois Mousquetaires

Everyone, meet Luc, Gaspard and Benoît, my three cute little musketeers who are awaiting to find a new home... Should someone be interested in offering them one, visit my " Breslo shop or my blog-shop. Jasmin Blanc, toujours! :o)


Afternoon snack

Oh dear, the "awaiting excitement" that I have been feeling for a couple of days now is still haunting me...Can't set myself free of it, and if until today I considered it a coincidence, right now I feel like I am starting to believe in it for real! It is silly to say that out loud I suppose, but what is important though is, that it gives sort of a push to my daily activities and all this makes me even more happy.
Sad news for me is, that I have to find myself a thesis paper topic and a supervisor as well in no more then one and a half moths. Which theoretically sounds like a lot of time, but it isn't really...We will have to submit titles which under some brand new regulations are unchangeable, so finding a topic that will serve my interest throughout 60 pages that I will have to write, is quite hard. Especially under the circumstances... About which I will tell you a little later when we get closer to IT :o)
But anyways, wish me luck!
I am off to find some good books and concentrate really hard in the company of these three very important things in my life. They keep me focused! :o)


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today I love...

Burying myself in such a library would really be helpful at the moment... It looks so peaceful and it motivates you (or at least it would motivate ME) to stay there and study, because the environment is just so pleasant.
Bad news for me is, that with or without such an environment, I NEED to bury myself in tons of books, not for pleasure (boo!) but for "business", so off I go!

Bisous, Erika
(picture from

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Au temps des tulipes

C'est bon pour la santé, mind, body and soul...Today was just one of those magical days, that even some rain couldn't spoil. I feel like I am in an awaiting phase... Awaiting something really grand and great...Do you know that feeling? That feeling of conditioned excitement when even the air smells differently and noise fades around you from time to time... The funny thing is, though, that I have no reason to feel this way, as far as I know... So strange...But so exiting in the same time...We shall see what is to come!


Monday, April 26, 2010

New goodies

I have this whole new pile of fabrics (new ones, left overs, to be recycled ones) and I am oh so excited. I only wish I had whole days to work on my thingies; I'd be the happiest gal' alive. But that n'est pas possible in the near future, I'm afraid...:o)
Anyway, I'll take it little by little then. I already have so many ideas for the future of these textiles...Yesyesyesyes! Be sure to check back to see what happens to them :o)


Delicious Monday --- Tutorial

I finally figured out a way to enjoy cupcakes, without gaining any weight at all! And even though I must confess, my new way is not as pleasing to my tasting senses as the previous one, it is just as pleasing to my mind...:o)
I am sure you have a bunch of bottle- and jar lids lying around your kitchen somewhere, as I do. Don't throw them away, there are numerous ways to use them and make them pretty. Give them a second chance! Let me just show you one of the many things you can do with them...

So right here I used the smallest ones (usually bottle-lids), just because my cross stitch designs were very tiny and I didn't want to have a big blank around them (as I would have had with the big lids). But even if you are not a "stitcher" you can still do this, it is just that you would have to do the same thing with a neat patterned fabric maybe, or decoupage, or felt applique-s and so on.
After you've chosen your lid, you should embellish it with some kind of puffy material (anything will do, really).
Next, you want to choose a fabric or cross-stitch design and you want to draw the shape of the lid (+1,5 cm) on the wrong side of the fabric, having the design in the middle. (as it is shown on the second picture, only that is the right side and you want to do it on the wrong side)

Next what you do is you cut out the circle (the big one, along the outer line), sew around it with running stitch. When that is done it forms a little bowl as you pull the seam. Then place the lid into the "bowl", wrong side of fabric facing embellishment. When you fixed it, so that the design is in the middle, you pull the seam and start stitching the back of your button together, so that the fabric gets tied to the lid real' tight!
Then cut out a piece of matching felt (the shape of the lid). Sew on a broach pin and then glue it on to the back of your button.

I am sorry I haven't taken photos of all the steps...Despite that, I still hope that the instructions were quite clear :o) Here is the final thing:

And by the time you got the the end of that you just cannot wait to make some more, I'm telling you! :o)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Inspiration

Here are some beautiful bedrooms (in different styles,more or less), that I love from of course...again!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Pink Saturday -3-

Hello there lovelies...
I know that I have the tendency to ramble on and on about everything, but since I just got home, tonight I am just so very tired that I can already see the bed on the screen in front of me. But even though I must confess that I forgot it was already Pink Saturday tomorrow over at Beverly's blog, I quickly went through my albums to find some pink because I wouldn't have wanted to skip it for anything :o)

So there was this crepe paper that I bought a long time ago, but have not used it for a while, but I found a way to use it after all. Yaaay! On the little box I used decoupage glue to fix the paper to the box and mat lac for a smoother finish. Perfect for little bijoux.

And the rest of the paper I now use to wrap up my sweetsy little things, and send them off to their new homes.

Well that is about almost all I could squeeze out of myself tonight, hope you'll forgive me! "Almost", because I still have one more pretty little tea cups-picture to show you...And you know what is the best about it? That it is PINK!


Today I love...

...vintage bedroom only available for princesses :o)

(picture from:

Bisous, Erika

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good night pictures

Remember how your mom/dad used to read to you when you were little? All the magical stories, the mysterious characters, the surreal storyline... Then after some years you were the one who read yourself to sleep, waking up as the book fell off your bed and made a sound as it hit the floor...Or when you read under the duvet with a flashlight, because it was past your bedtime and your momma forbade you to read at that hour...And then as you grew older there was the television, or internet you procrastinated with/on...Not so much of a happy ending is it? Good thing that you realized in time that there is much more than that and in fact extra time spent on these two is just hours wasted...Sometimes...Depends of course....But what if...You read magazines or books online. Although nothing would ever make up for holding a book in your hands, feeling the texture of the paper, holding it tight because due to the hard cover it has the tendency to shut itself if you let it slide...Oh there is nothing better than that, really! But magazines are another story, sometimes not any magazine can be found in any store or country in fact, that is why I praise the internet :o)
The following pictures are from Country Living and they just make my heart melt!


Alice in Wonderland

Here are my newest little delights :o)

They can be found in my Breslo shop or my Blog shop!

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Meet "Cherise"

I have been meaning to introduce all of you to my sweet Cherise , and finally I got to it. She is probably one of my favorite things at the moment, and she will stay among these for a long LONG time...I am pretty sure about that.

She also has a story...a hi-story, in fact! She used to belong to my grandmother, but she didn't really use the bike, because not long after she has bought it, she started to feel ill and dizzy so she was not able to ride it anymore. So now after more than ten long years probably Cherise(=Cherry) is on the road again, making me smile every time I look at her. It is such a delight to have her! Thanks to my smiley granny :o)

But before I could take her with me, she needed to be fixed up, and who is better qualified for that then my dad? (A mechanic probably!) No, I am just kidding, my dad can probably do anything in this world. So he changed what needed to be changed and then I cleaned her and this was pretty much everything there is to it.

May your days be sunny, like mine :o)
Bisous, Erika

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

White...snow white...

I got a desk when I started in first grade! And I have had that desk throughout the years, same desk, same junk on, in, near and under it. It was too little, with too tiny storage place, to narrow table board, too short, too "not" everything! But I loved it anyway. She was faithful to me (and I to her), through more than 15 years, wow it is even crazy to say it out loud. And of course, you would say, 15 years, what a short period of time, good furniture should last a lot more than that. And yes you are right. Quality (or at least pretty) vintage or antique ones yes, but there was really nothing special about this one, it was quite ugly in fact. But I will always remember it...:o)
My dream was to have drawers in my desk (and closet and nightstand and all across the house). As far as I can remember I was always a drawer freak, I loved them! Probably because none of the furniture in my bedroom had any. Not even a single one!
So after all these years of longing for drawers my dad decided to make an all-drawer desk for me. I finish Uni in a year so...Great moment of awakening, but never mind that, I have a drawer-ed desk now, and it was made by my father. How awesome is that? {Do you remember the bed we made -well, he made it I designed it, so he gets the credit} :o)

Yes, well, this is not a true before & after in the real sense of the notion, since it is not transformed from drab to fab, the initial is not refurbished but replaced in its integrity. Still having the fist in past and the latter in the present qualifies it in my book for this title.

This is how it looks (in a very frugal photo), but I will have some more coming up soon as the knobs are placed on the drawers. It takes a little while longer, because they are to be made of ceramics and if you have been reading my post you already know that those kinds of things do not work from one day to another, there are different processes, burning time, repetition, glazing, painting etc,that need to be done.

Stay tuned!
Bisous, Erika

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Le panier plein de fleurs de printemps

I have had a lovely weekend, until it was spoiled with silly things that should not have happened. But since some people in my surroundings are more concerned with what the others say than what my feelings are they like to insult me on most occasions. Yaaay! I am aware of the fact that I live life a little bit differently than them,(I am not in the position to judge whether it is better or worse, but obviously they think THEY are)... a lot differently in fact, but I chose this way, so why do they bother? Ok, enough of that.
Anyhow, here are some nice photos that I took over the weekend:

I hope you enjoyed this!