Thursday, April 29, 2010

Afternoon snack

Oh dear, the "awaiting excitement" that I have been feeling for a couple of days now is still haunting me...Can't set myself free of it, and if until today I considered it a coincidence, right now I feel like I am starting to believe in it for real! It is silly to say that out loud I suppose, but what is important though is, that it gives sort of a push to my daily activities and all this makes me even more happy.
Sad news for me is, that I have to find myself a thesis paper topic and a supervisor as well in no more then one and a half moths. Which theoretically sounds like a lot of time, but it isn't really...We will have to submit titles which under some brand new regulations are unchangeable, so finding a topic that will serve my interest throughout 60 pages that I will have to write, is quite hard. Especially under the circumstances... About which I will tell you a little later when we get closer to IT :o)
But anyways, wish me luck!
I am off to find some good books and concentrate really hard in the company of these three very important things in my life. They keep me focused! :o)


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  1. As I'm in the same situation, I can understand very well, this feeling, and the given period, is not enough, I consider it isn't at least not for me. I have my theme, and the guiding teacher, but the expectations will be tremendous, from, him, because he's a company's owner, my thesis paper would be my firs project in the process of being hired at the given software comp. Anyway, apart from me, good luck in your thesis paper, and with all of your upcoming exams.
    If I see well enough than that is cake with, cherry? -- yummi, my mother does that too regularly.
    Take care. Arpad


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