Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Au temps des tulipes

C'est bon pour la santé...health, mind, body and soul...Today was just one of those magical days, that even some rain couldn't spoil. I feel like I am in an awaiting phase... Awaiting something really grand and great...Do you know that feeling? That feeling of conditioned excitement when even the air smells differently and noise fades around you from time to time... The funny thing is, though, that I have no reason to feel this way, as far as I know... So strange...But so exiting in the same time...We shall see what is to come!


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  1. Milyen szepek a tulipanok, ezekszerint kitunoen mukodik a kerekparod is, tenyleg nagon ugyes apud van, ha ehhez is olan jolt ert, hogy olyan jol megcsinalta. Hasznald egeszseggel. Ritka vegyes szinu tulipan csokrod van azert ami azt illeti.


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