Monday, April 26, 2010

Delicious Monday --- Tutorial

I finally figured out a way to enjoy cupcakes, without gaining any weight at all! And even though I must confess, my new way is not as pleasing to my tasting senses as the previous one, it is just as pleasing to my mind...:o)
I am sure you have a bunch of bottle- and jar lids lying around your kitchen somewhere, as I do. Don't throw them away, there are numerous ways to use them and make them pretty. Give them a second chance! Let me just show you one of the many things you can do with them...

So right here I used the smallest ones (usually bottle-lids), just because my cross stitch designs were very tiny and I didn't want to have a big blank around them (as I would have had with the big lids). But even if you are not a "stitcher" you can still do this, it is just that you would have to do the same thing with a neat patterned fabric maybe, or decoupage, or felt applique-s and so on.
After you've chosen your lid, you should embellish it with some kind of puffy material (anything will do, really).
Next, you want to choose a fabric or cross-stitch design and you want to draw the shape of the lid (+1,5 cm) on the wrong side of the fabric, having the design in the middle. (as it is shown on the second picture, only that is the right side and you want to do it on the wrong side)

Next what you do is you cut out the circle (the big one, along the outer line), sew around it with running stitch. When that is done it forms a little bowl as you pull the seam. Then place the lid into the "bowl", wrong side of fabric facing embellishment. When you fixed it, so that the design is in the middle, you pull the seam and start stitching the back of your button together, so that the fabric gets tied to the lid real' tight!
Then cut out a piece of matching felt (the shape of the lid). Sew on a broach pin and then glue it on to the back of your button.

I am sorry I haven't taken photos of all the steps...Despite that, I still hope that the instructions were quite clear :o) Here is the final thing:

And by the time you got the the end of that you just cannot wait to make some more, I'm telling you! :o)


  1. excellent idea. I have been saving lids for a while, but did not know what i was going to do with them. Now I know.

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  4. Very, very cute. I love how simple and yes, the instructions are perfect. Thanks!

  5. This is fantastic! What a great idea!
    Thank you! Love your blog.

    Flora Doora

  6. What a unique idea. I've never done cross-stitch but this makes me want to learn. :-) Thanks!!

  7. Thanks for this great tutorial! I've linked it to my blog to share with my readers.


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