Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good night pictures

Remember how your mom/dad used to read to you when you were little? All the magical stories, the mysterious characters, the surreal storyline... Then after some years you were the one who read yourself to sleep, waking up as the book fell off your bed and made a sound as it hit the floor...Or when you read under the duvet with a flashlight, because it was past your bedtime and your momma forbade you to read at that hour...And then as you grew older there was the television, or internet you procrastinated with/on...Not so much of a happy ending is it? Good thing that you realized in time that there is much more than that and in fact extra time spent on these two is just hours wasted...Sometimes...Depends of course....But what if...You read magazines or books online. Although nothing would ever make up for holding a book in your hands, feeling the texture of the paper, holding it tight because due to the hard cover it has the tendency to shut itself if you let it slide...Oh there is nothing better than that, really! But magazines are another story, sometimes not any magazine can be found in any store or country in fact, that is why I praise the internet :o)
The following pictures are from Country Living and they just make my heart melt!


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  1. You'r right reading from a paper is different thing, and a different sensation. But thanks to the internet, as you sad, we can access materials from foreign countries or beyond the seas, materials that otherwise are impossible to get. Nice pictures, it would be interesting to see a house fully decorated in this kind of style.


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