Wednesday, April 7, 2010

JASMIN BLANC --- Shop Update

I added some things to my blog shop and also to my Breslo shop which is, as I said a while ago kind of like the local (Romanian) Etsy. Don't be shy to visit either of them, but just to give you a quick bite, here are some pictures.

"Morceaux de verre" earrings

"Amelie" broach

"Fleur rose de mon jardin" hand-painted tray

Remember the little clay items I've made in my parents' workshop quite a while ago? If you don't, refresh your memory. But if you do, you can skip down to see four of my little lovelies, handmade all the way through. I will also have some more coming up soon (painted and also some vintage looking ones with floral transfer pictures, they turned out to be really beautiful; I can tell you that for certain).

"Tournesol bleu" necklace

"Fleure Japonaise" necklace

"Oui-Non" earrings

"Coeur" necklace

For more information about these, close-ups, or just simply more photos, go check out my shop. Hope you enjoyed my short tour in my crafty-land.
Bisous, Erika

Ps. If you like what you see, don't hesitate to grab my Jasmine Blanc blog-shop button ♥


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