Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Le panier plein de fleurs de printemps

I have had a lovely weekend, until it was spoiled with silly things that should not have happened. But since some people in my surroundings are more concerned with what the others say than what my feelings are they like to insult me on most occasions. Yaaay! I am aware of the fact that I live life a little bit differently than them,(I am not in the position to judge whether it is better or worse, but obviously they think THEY are)... a lot differently in fact, but I chose this way, so why do they bother? Ok, enough of that.
Anyhow, here are some nice photos that I took over the weekend:

I hope you enjoyed this!

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  1. How pure and beautiful are the Cherry's flowers, and someone just made the Spring cleanup on the grapes, hardworking people around you. They had time even to spoil your mood? Not everything that some people say has to be taken seriously. But appreciate that you managed to make some nice photo's and share them with us.


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