Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sweet note

I love spring for so many reasons...
Seeing flowers bloom and trees bud is such a beautiful miracle to me. Not forgetting the reason they do this: the warm sunshine and gentle spring rain. Oh how I love all these. I also love to see Lili more often, now that it is warming up, she is allowed to play in the yard more.
I don't think I have told you about him/her (not sure, never checked). She (because Lili -the way I named her- is a girl-name) is a lovely brownish mini terrier (it is how I like to call her, I'm not sure though that there is such a dog), and last but not least to sort through all the adjectives: my friend. I first met her on the way to one of my exams and she made my day. She is so loving and happy every time I pass in front of "her" fence (because 99% of the time I walk downtown, I have an issue with buses) that the moment she sees me she runs to the fence, starts jumping real' fast with her tiny little legs and then she puts out her paws between the fence spars so I can fondle them, and then she jumps around some more. Can't say that mooching her hasn't crossed my mind...No, I'm just kidding really! :o)

Ok, but let me continue the reasons of me loving spring so much. Well, there is so much to celebrate!!! Pretty much everyone in the family (except me) was born in one of the beautiful months of spring. You already know that my father turned 50. And now you will also learn that my sweet SWEET mommy turned 47 today! Nyul, as I like to call her (which translates "rabbit"), but that is a long story, is the dearest woman on this planet! ♥ She is not simply a mother to me. She is my friend, my best friend, in fact...
We fool around, jump around, scream when we are happy, laugh in the most inappropriate moments, dance waltz in the kitchen, and cry together when one of us is sad. We could also participate in any cookie/cake eating contest and we would surely win nr.1. But I don't think we would be left behind in baking those cookies/cakes either. Hahaaha! :o)
She is really one of those few people who supports me the way I am, not criticizing, still sometimes not agreeing, but never judging...And I am incredibly grateful for that! Köszönöm Nyul-Bul!

Sok boldog szülinapot Nyulam-Bulam!


  1. Happy Birthday to your beloved mom. It's really nice to have a mom, a friend and even more in one person, who is always there for you.
    Great parents, nice and well educated girl, is like a perfect family, few are like that anymore.

  2. You and your mom are big cake eaters? I could never guess from your(you+your mom's) look.

    If you ever need help on cake baking or eating, just tell me, I'm not quite an expert but I manage and like them too. As I read on someones T-shirt <<"Just give me chocolate and nobody get's hurt!" :)>> the same applies to cookies too.

  3. Happy Birthday to your very special mother. It seems the two of you are a very special pair.


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