Wednesday, April 21, 2010

White...snow white...

I got a desk when I started in first grade! And I have had that desk throughout the years, same desk, same junk on, in, near and under it. It was too little, with too tiny storage place, to narrow table board, too short, too "not" everything! But I loved it anyway. She was faithful to me (and I to her), through more than 15 years, wow it is even crazy to say it out loud. And of course, you would say, 15 years, what a short period of time, good furniture should last a lot more than that. And yes you are right. Quality (or at least pretty) vintage or antique ones yes, but there was really nothing special about this one, it was quite ugly in fact. But I will always remember it...:o)
My dream was to have drawers in my desk (and closet and nightstand and all across the house). As far as I can remember I was always a drawer freak, I loved them! Probably because none of the furniture in my bedroom had any. Not even a single one!
So after all these years of longing for drawers my dad decided to make an all-drawer desk for me. I finish Uni in a year so...Great moment of awakening, but never mind that, I have a drawer-ed desk now, and it was made by my father. How awesome is that? {Do you remember the bed we made -well, he made it I designed it, so he gets the credit} :o)

Yes, well, this is not a true before & after in the real sense of the notion, since it is not transformed from drab to fab, the initial is not refurbished but replaced in its integrity. Still having the fist in past and the latter in the present qualifies it in my book for this title.

This is how it looks (in a very frugal photo), but I will have some more coming up soon as the knobs are placed on the drawers. It takes a little while longer, because they are to be made of ceramics and if you have been reading my post you already know that those kinds of things do not work from one day to another, there are different processes, burning time, repetition, glazing, painting etc,that need to be done.

Stay tuned!
Bisous, Erika

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  1. Well this is quite astounding! I've looked and looked at this picture trying to determine how you accomplished this transformation. You are a very talented lady. How wonderful to have the same desk throughout the years. I really love the look of this piece. The curves. You've added a lot of movement. I can't wait to see the knobs you've chosen. Thank you for linking this project to the Boardwalk Bragfest

  2. This just blows me away. Is is the same desk? It is so cute.

  3. haha, thanks ladies, but even though it would be quite stunning, it is not the same desk. It is just what I had before and what I have now. Which was made by my father who is a ceramist, not a carpenter :o) Thanks for the feedback though!

  4. What does it matter that he is a ceramist and not a carpenter, he does a very good job, and can use his talent, on different "fields of creating". And it seems you inherited the same gift, use it wisely. :D

  5. Wow, it turned out great! Thanks for linking up to Be Inspired last week!



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