Friday, May 7, 2010

Cœur Spécial Jasmin Blanc

My special Jasmin Blanc hearts are ready!!! As in "made of ceramics" ready, burned and waiting to be decorated. Fourteen of them! And two of those are ready to use! More are coming up, it's so exiting...♥
I propose a use as little miniature hanging vases or by putting water and adding essential oils/scents to it, it can be a great way to make your home smell nice and look stunningly personalized. I give my heart to you to do that! :))
But I want to give you a little insight on the decoration-process and sneak peek on the two finished Hearts:

After painting them, I applied little bits of napkins, popularly known as "decoupage" technique.

So here is how they really turned out with (all-natural) strings attached to them.


  1. "I give my heart to you to do that! :))" -- ez még nagyon félreérthetö lehet. Nagyon jok, nagyon tetszenek, ezek tényleg, kivételesen szuperek, és remekül sikerültek. Te aztán nagyon tehetséges vagy, szépek az alkotásaid, úgy ezek mind a többi dolog. További jó munkát és kitartást az alkotásban.

  2. Thanks for visiting, I love your blog!

    Well, from today I own one heart like that too, I'm very impressed, by Erika's work, she really does a good job, and was positively disappointed, to see that they came out better than I could imagine it. Well done girl, keep up the good work. Thank's for being able to buy one. All this talk, summarized: LIKE IT, LIKE IT, LIKE IT


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